Dear Pat

Hi Everyone!

I am very excited to introduce my new page to you.  I dedicate this page to all my dear readers that find themselves facing a challenge that may have them 'stumped' at this moment in time.  Are you going through a rough spot in your relationship with your spouse, child, parent, etc.?  Do you find yourself questioning beliefs you have had all your life, but find that now you are having trouble finding where they fit?  

Sometimes it helps to get a 'fresh look' at the challenge through the eyes of someone who is not directly involved in all the drama.  That is why I have created this page; so I can be those 'fresh eyes' for you.

No matter what question or challenge you are facing, I believe we have all the answers we will ever need within our spirit, but sometimes we just need a little help accessing that help.  I am here to offer that assistance and perhaps a different perspective.

Email me your questions or thoughts now, ( and let's work together to find the answers you seek.  All questions and answers will be published on this page, so if you want to use a fictional name, that's okay by me.  Or if you prefer a private message, just let me know in your letter and I will respond to you via private email.  Just make sure I have your correct email address.

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