Monday, August 31, 2009

The Sermon From The Window

Mark and I, at this time, chose to live in our RV. It's 31 feet long, has a very nice back bedroom and is just right for the two of us. Plus, it gives us the flexibilty to move any place we want. Last year, at this time, we decided to move to the San Francisco Bay area to be closer to Mark's mom who is 80 years old. She is a tiny little fraile lady of about 96 pounds and can be blown away if a strong wind were to arise. She has had many hip and knee operations and now has one leg which is about two inches shorter than the other, which causes her to walk with special shoes and a cane. Nevertheless, she is still very active; driving; visiting friends in the hospital and going to church every Sunday. She told us during a visit several years ago that she wanted to remain as independant as possible for as long as possible. We wanted to make sure that happened for her, thus our trip down here.

Our little "house" sits probably three feet from her bedroom window. The weather is usually very nice, but this past weekend, it got HOT! To make sure she didn't cook in her house, we opened up her bedroom windows to get some air flowing through. And along with our windows being open, well let's say, we know what she watches on TV at night!

Sunday morning, as usual, the little dog next door woke me up as he barked at the squirrels that were running up and down the fence teasing him. And then IT happened. The air inside and out of our little home was filled with voices singing at the top of their lungs. . . "how great thou art......" I've been away from fundamentalist Christianity for many years now, and many hymns hold bad memories for me, so I was NOT pleased! As I began to prepare breakfast for Mark, the choir continued and I began to search for more positive thoughts to change my attitude. Finally I came up with, "she gets enjoyment out of this music, so who I am to begrudge her of that?" And with that, I was able to enjoy the music with her.

Then came the sermon! Yelling, Bible pounding, sermon! It reminded me of the sermons I heard at a Church I was involved with in Florida many years ago. Now I had to choose once again to feel the pain and hurt of that past experience or continue in the joy I've since been able to find. Once again I remembered the joy it gave Ruth, and it's not my right to rob her of that joy, even in my own mind. I have no idea what was being preached, but by the end of that sermon, I had gone from a place in my heart of anger and horrible memories to understanding, compassion and joy. Joy, that Ruth could listen to what brought her happiness. I could almost feel how uplifted she felt at the end of the sermon. The closing prayer and music that followed just blended into the background for me, then all was quiet;
in the air and and in my heart and mind!

How do you deal with past memories? Do you allow them to control your present life, and dictate your future? Or have you come up with a way to finally put them to bed and move into your future of happiness and joy? It IS a choice. So why spend another second allowing the past to play re-runs in your mind? You've come a long way, baby!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Giving, Giving, Giving

Giving. Everyone knows it's a good thing. All around us there are people trying to convince us to give to their causes. And there really is no short supply of Speakers and Teachers that will tell us not only is giving a good thing, but it's our responsibility to give and give A LOT. This is not only prevalent on the infomercials on TV, but also with Christian Preachers and Metaphysical Teachers as well. Even though I do agree giving is a good thing; I will not be manipulated by others using emotion or playing on my sympathies to get a hand out.

This is how I feel: Sometimes there are times when giving can hinder a person's path. What would happen if you gave to someone and by doing so, they abandoned thei
r path of faith to sit around and wait for more handouts? That is why I feel it is so very important to listen to our Higher Selves (Wisdom) to determine what to give; where; and how much. I do not listen to others trying to guilt me into doing something. I listen to my Wisdom.

This morning I received a Tweet on Twitter from a lady who is on the brink of losing everything. I mean everything. Her house; her car; even perhaps her husband. As I read her story, I felt that familiar stirring in my heart signaling a message from Wisdom. I've been in terrible predicaments before myself, not knowing what to do or where to turn. This lady, however, instead of whining and crying about her difficulties has come up with a creative way of bringing in some immediate, much needed cash. She's not sitting around waiting for the government to come bail her out. She and her whole family are being pro-active in getting out of their situation. Because of this, my heart goes out to her and her family and I am backing her with as much support as I can possibly give.

Now, I'm not telling any of you to give to this family. I simply wanted to share my heart regarding them with you, but if you are so inclined, this is her blog site where you can read her story and judge for yourself. Katalyst Coaching

I'm very touched and encouraged by this dear lady's tenacity and courage. Knowing she could be jeered at and judged, she stepped out in faith with this project. And the best part? She still has a positive attitude that all is well. This is just temporary, and will pass. What a testament to walking your talk!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

24 Hours

I know this is an old theme, but because I've been surrounded by death lately, this has really been on my mind.

What would you do if you found out you had 24 hours to live? That's it! 24 hours and then you would re-unite with Source Energy outside of this realm. Would you spend your last hours crying and bemoaning the fact that you were going to die? Or would you spend time with your family and friends? Travel?

This week as I've talked to friends that have recently lost friends, the one common thread in all the conversations is: "Ya never know when it's gonna happen. Makes me want to spend more time with my family and friends and tell them how much I love and appreciate them." Then suddenly, there is a swirl of emails and letters that leave our homes telling everyone how much we love them. Now we feel better; and go back to the way we lived our life.

But what would happen if we found out we only had 24 hours to live? This is what I think I would do. Suddenly, the family feud that has been going on for years would not seem as important. I would cherish each breath I took and take in as many sights in this life that I could possibly fit in. I would eat all the things I've been denying myself due to one diet or another, and of course I would let all my family and friends know how much I love and appreciate them.

So why not do all of that now? (Except for the eating part, I guess.) Why not do that each and every day? Why wait? As was mentioned above, "ya never know when it's gonna happen", so let's start the ball rolling. Appreciate and love our friends and family. Is that feud really worth all the excess energy I've been putting into it? What about those harsh words I had with my spouse? Is it really important that I am "right"? Why not start asking ourselves these questions each and every day, and take action; not just sit and think about it.

I'll start . . .

Thank you all for being such wonderful loving friends. I deeply appreciate each and every one of you! You touch my heart in many special ways and I cherish the times we have spent together, either in person; through email; or on Facebook or Twitter. Blessings to you, my dear ones. I love you all.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fall Pruning

Fall is the perfect time to prune trees and shrubs, roses and other lovely additions to our yards. Pruning allows new growth to get the nutrients it needs to expand and grow into a more beautiful plant in the spring.

Autumn is also a great time to examine our lives and see where we may need to prune beliefs; lifestyles; or even friends. Sometimes the process is easy, simply by choosing a different way of thinking and sometimes it can be more difficult when it comes to allowing relationships to drop away. However, the end result is a wonderful new spurt of growth, the likes of which we could not imagine before.

I love Autumn! And lately, I've been feeling that familiar chill in the air that signals it's coming.
For me, that also means to consider what needs to be pruned in my life. There are always belief systems that come under scrutiny, but this year, I'm finding a new avenue to look at... friends. This year, I'm having to think about relationships that I've been holding tight to, that need to fall away. But it's not a bad thing! I'm beginning to see that when we allow even relationships that do not serve us any longer to drop away, new ones that are deeper and more in line with what our spirit is calling for come into focus.

There's a poem floating around on the internet about this very thing. It talks of friends coming into and going out of our lives. Some are there for just a short time, others are there forever. That's just the cycle of life. It's all part of the natural order of things, just as weeding a garden is the natural course of action to insure the healthy growth of the garden, or pruning the plants in the fall insure greater, more beautiful foliage and blossoms in the Spring.

What do you have to prune out of your life this fall? Will you allow it to fall away or will you dogmatically fight to keep it there by your side? Your feelings will tell you the answer. Will you follow what feels right to you or hold onto beliefs because that's "how I was raised?" Close your eyes and imagine what your future looks like with each challenge you struggle with. As you do, it will all become very clear.

My Spring is going to be glorious! What about yours?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

To Pray or Not to Pray

Ever since I've gotten away from Fundamentalist Christian beliefs, I've been puzzled by the concept of prayer. When someone asks me to pray for them, what is it I'm suppose to do? Are they asking me to plead with a Supreme Being to make them well or guide them into whatever they need guidance for? Are they asking me to ask because for some reason, this Supreme Being can't hear or won't listen to them? Why would He/She answer me for them? Why wouldn't He/She answer them directly? Perhaps they are asking me to ask their guides and angels to help them out. Again, why do I have more power asking their guides and angels than they do? Maybe they think if we gang up on the Supreme Being or their guides and angels, then they will be more likely to answer them. You know, power in numbers. "I wasn't gonna answer just you, but since you've brought so many others that are pleading your case too, then, well, okay, I'll answer you."

Or perhap
s, the reason I'm asked to pray for someone is because they need to know they are not alone. Perhaps that's the acceptable code word for, "I really need a shoulder to cry on, or an ear to listen to me right now, can you take the time?" It is their way of reaching out for love from a solid source. Someone who can empathize with them or give them a hug. No judgment, just a touch, or support.

We are the magnificent vibrational beings that create our own reality. We have glorious guides and angels helping us on our path who know each of us intimately. So if we ask for their guidance, they are always more than happy to be of service.

I think, maybe we still do not realize what powerful individuals we are! All the power of the Universe is at our fingertips. All we have to do is allow it to flow through us. Let go of old beliefs and religious dogma, and remember who we are. This is what we have come here to be; Joyous Creators. In allowing our own light to shine, we help others find their light.
That is why it is so powerful to join together. If I'm asking my guides and angels to aid me in being the most joyful person I know and everyone else is doing the same with their guides and angels, HOW POWERFUL IS THAT! All prejudice, anger, fear, and hatred melts away. I don't have to be told to pray for the earth or for any individual. If I am seeking my heart's desire right here and now, and you are seeking your heart's desire, all is well.

So if you want to call talking to your guides and angels prayer, then so be it. But if you wish to ask others to "pray for you", what is it you are really asking? Do you really want their energy in what you are trying to manifest? You are the only one who has the pure energy that is required to bring about your desired outcome. Why smudge it up with someone else's opinions?

What do you think prayer is? And how do you use it?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Little White Flowers

The little white flowers to the right are found in our yard. I don't know what kind they are, or they could even be weeds, for all I know, but they have a lesson for me, just the same.

These beautiful little flowers blossom each morning and "go to sleep" each night. I love looking out my window and seeing them. Mark has pulled them up a few times since we've been here, but they just keep coming back.

The thing that really impresses me about these little gems is that they are growing up in the artificial grass that covers the yard! That is the reason Mark has yanked them out before. He goes around pulling up all the weeds that grow through the grass. But these flowers will not be deterred from their life's purpose. They reach up through the tangle of fabric so they can worship and adore the sunshine! There they gather all their strength and burst into full glory and majesty, fulfilling their life's purpose. They are not concerned about dying, or being ripped out of the ground. Their purpose in life is their only thought, and they live to fulfill it.

It strikes me that if these little flowers can do such a beautiful job fulfilling their purpose, even though they have many obstacles in their way, how much better can we fulfill our purpose, being the grand creators that we are? We allow any obstacle to deter us; any threat to scare us; yet we have the power within to charge through all obstacles that attempt to smother us! We allow threats to scare us into submission; and then, we decide it's too hard to reach for our dreams, so we let them die.

I'm going to choose to reach for the sky! Create my reality, no matter what is going on around me; just like those little white flowers. What will you choose?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Too Sensitive!

Have you ever been accused of being too sensitive? Perhaps the person who proclaimed that was teasing, or maybe they meant it as a compliment or "put down". What do those words mean to you?

For me, they mean several different things. My loving husband told me one day on vacation that I was being "too sensitive". He did not mean that in a negative matter, but as is usual when my Wisdom speaks to me, I felt a dagger in my heart.

So, I asked Wisdom, what does being "too sensitive" mean? I've been thinking about that question since I got home and have come up with a couple things it means to me. When I'm being "too sensitive" I can usually boil it down to two reasons.

1. I'm too focused on what others may think of me or
2. I'm seeking attention

Usually the first one comes about when I'm with Mark or a friend and we are out sightseeing or shopping. Instead of being honest about what I'd like to do, I bow to whatever they want. But here's the kicker. . . it's because somewhere deep down inside, I still think I will not be accepted if I don't do what they want. "What if we do what I want and it turns out to be horrible or they really don't want to do it? Will Mark, or my friend still like me, or will they secretly within themselves say how much they do not ever want to spend time with me again?"

Now anyone who knows Mark knows that's absurd! And really, if I stop and think about it, I'm not giving my friends too much credit either, am I? In my little world, I would never dump a friend because we did something that turned out terrible, so why would I think they would do that to me? See how silly that is?

Then there's number 2: Attention. I had a really great example of that while on vacation. We were at our swimming place on the Yuba River and a group of young adults came by. Everyone was having a great time splashing and going down the rapids, except one girl. She complained about everything! The depth and temperature of the water; the current in the river; everything. The rest of her party continued to frolic and play moving upstream, but she whined and cried every step of the way. Even to the point of standing knee high in the water proclaiming her fear, until she was able to distract everyone else from their fun to talk her into proceeding upstream with them. It was really sad to watch. But, how many times have I done something similar? How many times have I allowed my sensitivity to get in the way of other people's fun as well as my own? Once again, how silly is that!

So now, I will take notice when someone tells me I'm being too sensitive and ask my Wisdom what it is I'm really doing. The fun result of seeing the real reason for being "too sensitive" is that I have the power within me to change it immediately. As soon as I notice it, I can choose a different thought. I can choose a higher vibration. I can choose to put aside that crap and have fun!

How have you been "too sensitive" in your life? Is it really a positive thing? Or is it an old familiar, perhaps even a game you play with yourself and others that you are not totally conscious of. Kinda makes ya think, huh?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Set In My Ways"

I find it funny when someone does not agree with me, they may think I'm "closed minded", or "set in my ways", or "not willing to change", or the one that hurts me the most, "not open to Spirit"? All because I have my own thoughts and spiritual guidance that is not the same as theirs.

It's easy to "pigeon hole" a person according to their thoughts or beliefs and even perhaps think less of them because they are not on the same "spiritual plane" as we are, but how does that pious way of viewing others reflect the true light we all are?

Just because I think I have "the answer" does not mean it's the answer for anyone else. It's MY answer for MY life, at this time. If I choose to share it with you it's not because I think you should follow my answer, but use your feelings to detect what fits for you. Perhaps the "answer" I've found for me helps you define your answer better. Perhaps you don't happen to agree with me. It's all good! I've simply shared what worked for me. You may see my thought process will not work for you, but because of the contrast, you've been able to identify what will work. Wonderful! Now you have found YOUR answer! I will celebrate your choices and adventures in this lifetime along with mine; and we don't even have to agree!

Maybe if we all start to practice allowing others to find their own way instead of insisting they believe the way we do, our lives would be more peaceful. What do you think?

Monday, August 17, 2009

We're Back!

We're back! Back from our wonderful week's Anniversary vacation! It was magical, exciting, fun and educational. I feel as if I've lived a whole year in this one week. For me, being out in nature and away from many daily distractions allows my Wisdom to get and keep my attention for lots of glorious lessons.

Even though I've been shown how much work I have to do in some areas of my life, I do not feel defeated, but empowered! That's how I know my Guides and Angels are directing my steps. I never feel anything but unconditional love, even in the face of what we humans term as failures.

So, in the days to come, I'm hoping to share some of the glorious lessons I'm learning. I hope they will encourage you as much as they have me.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Mark and I had a disagreement today! Yep, it's true! Even WE have disagreements. As much as we adore each other, sometimes we get in our own way and disagreements happen. We have not had a challenge with each other in a very long time, so this one really felt foreign. But we were able to get it all cleared up in a really short time.

We both accepted our responsibility for the challenge, and admit our shortcomings to each other. Then it was over!

Before, we took days to get past a disagreement, but today it was all said and done within an hour.

My problem boiled down to misunderstanding what Mark was going through and when he did not respond in the matter in which I thought he should, I made it all very personal and blew up! Poor Mark did not mean anything personal toward me! But that's what I CHOSE to believe. Because of all the work we are doing in our efforts to get into and stay in the vortex of joy, it didn't take very long for me to see my choice and change it to reflect joy once again. I am so grateful I have such an understanding and patient husband. Someone else may have let their ego get ahead of them and really blow things even more out of proportion, but Mark was able to get to the heart of the problem and help me overcome it. Thanks, honey!

Think about the disagreements you have with your spouse or significant other. Are you taking something more personal than it was meant to be? What is your responsibility in the challenge? And what can you do to get yourself back into the Vortex of joy?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Anniversary Bliss

Today is our Anniversary! We've been married 14 blissful years and are looking forward to another 50 or 60 years together! I'm such a fortunate lady to have found such a loving, kind and gentle man. He is everything every woman dreams of. He's my best friend; wise teacher; and fantastic lover all in one very sexy package! I truly am blessed!

In honor of our Anniversary, I served my most excellent husband breakfast in bed! Chorizo sausage and egg burrito; hashbrowns and orange juice. He was really surprised!

A couple months ago, we visited Grass Valley and fell in love with it! It just feels like home to us. At that time, when we were on our way back to the Bay area, we just happened to go down a very interesting street in search of a park to eat our lunch. We came across our dream house! And it was for sale! This house has everything we want. Including a creek that runs behind the back yard! Since then, we have been visiting the house on the Internet and each day picture ourselves enjoying our lives there. Everything connected to this house rings the chord of excitement in our beings. We have a picture of what we thought was our dream house positioned in our RV so it is the first and last thing we see in the day. This house looks exactly like it! We wanted a creek
or stream....has it! The name of the street it's on is Freeman Lane; it is close to our favorite grocery store. In fact, we wanted a house that was close enough to town for people to come see us, but in the woods so we could relax and enjoy nature. Here's a link to it. Take a look: CREEKSIDE SERENITY

Anyway, we drove by the house again today, and it's not only still for sale, but the price has been reduced and we found out the little creek in the backyard is named, Wolf Creek! Wolf just happens to be one of my power animals!

Now comes the interesting part! Knowing! Knowing the Universe's job is to make this happen! We are so excited to see how it will come about, because we know that if this particular house is not the exact one for us, the Universe knows what we are wishing to manifest and WILL deliver it. It's not a matter of "where is the money coming from"; it's not up to us to figure any of it out; just basque in the deliciousness of how it feels to have it!

What do you want to manifest in your life? Are you worried about how it will come about? Why not let the Universe take care of that! Whatever actions easily flow into your mind to do, DO them. But the moment you feel that gnawing in your stomach, understand you have gotten away from the vibration of that which you want. It's okay! You can get back in! Let's become the grand creators we came here to be!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vacation Continues

Good Morning!
Okay, since there are so many exciting things happening today, I decided to post in sections. Right now it's almost 9am. It's a be
autiful day outside! Woke up to the sound of running water; had a wonderful breakfast! Mark had French toast, sausage and OJ and I had yogurt, breakfast burrito and coffee. Now it's time to rinse off under the waterfall. But no worries; the water is nice and warm!

Skinny Dipping Anyone?
The place we like to go at the Yub
a River is known to be a popular skinny dipping place. We knew that ahead of time, and I thought I was prepared, but actually seeing strangers in the nude brought up a couple interesting questions. First, how the hell did they get down to the river? The path is rocky and steep at places and the river is WAY down there!

I don't have a problem with people skinny dipping, but I have to admit it captivated my attention. I'm not used to seeing strangers prancing around in their birthday suits. I mean, what's the etiquette for this sort of situation? Do you look? Do you not look? Do you pretend they have clothes on when they talk to you? Do you look away when they walk by? And what about the lady that is laying spread eagle out on the beach? You can imagine all the old beliefs that ran through my mind! "Well, I never...."
And then Wisdom spoke!

Suddenly I saw all the people that were enjoying the sun in their "all in all" are much freer than I am. They are not ashamed of their bodies, and they don't care what anyone else thinks about them. They can be who they are, regardless of what others judgments may be. I was fascinated and a little jealous. Here I stood in shorts and a top and a top to cover my top and a hat, and there was really no sense of freedom in any of it. Wisdom said, "what's your problem? Why are you not that free? Why do you allow what oth
ers think of you to run your life and dictate what freedoms you enjoy?"

Wow, that really put me in my place, and gave me a new appreciation for the folks that were soaking up nature in such a wondrous fashion.
So, did I break down and go skinny dipping? Only the Yuba River knows for sure.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Vacation

Today is the first official day of our vacation! I'm soooo excited! Got up at 8am to do the final preparations for our trip. Since we will be gone for a week, we put up the awning on the RV, and unhooked everything in addition to packing the usual necessary items for our camping excursion.

Finally at about noon, we were ready to pull out of the driveway. Said our good-byes to Mark's mom, and off we went. We got two minutes away from the house and had to go back. Mark forgot his wallet, and I forgot my water, and we both forgot the Anniversary cards we were trying to hide from each other. I was trying to sneak his out of the house when he came out to the car, he had a big grin and said, "thanks for reminding me, I forgot your's too".

So, off we went again! As is the usual case when you go on any trip, as
soon as you get out of town, you get the hungries. We got as far as Tracy, about 45 minutes away and stopped at one of Mark's favorite buffets for lunch. If you've ever had dinner with us, you know that Mark is a slow eater. Two hours later, we hit the road again. Now, we were movin! Listening to Abraham-Hicks and talking back and forth; air conditioning on, moving at around 75 mph. Oh how wonderful that air conditioning felt since it was 95 degrees outside. Suddenly, about an hour into our trip, Mark pulled off the road into a parking lot. I was stunned and asked what happened. The car was overheating. Mark raised the hood to help the car cool down and check the oil. Then he noticed it. The bolt that holds the alternator in place came loose! If we had continued on our way without noticing that little gem, the alternator could have fallen out and we would be stuck in a tiny little town called Newcastle. Thank you Angels and Guides! He put some oil in the car, tightened the bolt, and let the car cool down and once again, about 45 minutes later we were on the road. Our destination was only about 45 minutes away and both of us were very excited to get there.

In the past I
might have been upset at the thought that the car was overheating and now it was gonna take even longer to get to our destination; but this time, I was fine about it. I knew there had to be a reason we got off the road, so I was grateful our Guides and Angels were watching out for us.

Finally, at 5pm, we arrived and checked into our camping spot.

We were delighted to find our sight had running water, and is very comfortable. In fact it is a nice cool 70 degrees even though the temperature outside is 90. We are very pleased.

Time to find our favorite grocery store and get provisions. So we went to Raley's. It's the closest thing we can find to a Fred Meyer store here in California. At least the grocery section of Freddies!

Loaded with our supplies for a few days, we are now back at our campsite, ready to hunker down for the night. W
e're both exhausted, but there's still time for a nice fireside chat around the ..... um......computers!

I love camping! It's so relaxing! Stay tuned for more adventures tomorrow! It's gonna be
a busy week!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Vacation at Last

Mark and I are going on vacation! We are going to our beloved spot on the Yuba River, right outside of Nevada City, CA. We are sooooooo excited! I will take lots of pictures so I can share them with everyone. And I'm sure our Wisdom will be talking to us, because we are going to that particular location for inspiration and healing.

We've already reserved our camping spot and planned out our breakfasts. Since we usually only eat 2 meals a day, we will probably pick up dinner at a store each evening. That way I don't have to pack pots and pans.

Stay tuned! Adventures are about to happen and you will be on the cutting edge!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Family Play

Have you ever been in a situation where you HAD to go to a party or family get-together, because that was what was expected? That is exactly the situation I found myself in today. Many times in the past I've gone and been completely miserable the whole time, but today, I chose to be joyful on purpose! I want to tell you how I did it.

First of all, I had a choice to even go or not. I am now at the place in my life where I can do that. Because my attention is on joy and doing what feels good to me, I am no longer bound by the expectations of family or friends. I am a free bird! After all, why would I choose to go someplace that is very negatively oriented and sends me spiraling into the abyss of guilt and condemnation? So, after weighing the pros and cons, I decided to accept the invitation because I knew my mother-in-law wanted to go and she could not drive herself. (She is 80 and very frail). After making the decision to go, I had to then get to a better feeling place than the one I was in. I already had the whole scenario worked out in my mind. From the beginning of the day to the end, I KNEW it was gonna suck! How the heck was I gonna get through it? I could feel my stomach sinking as the day drew near.

Once again, my wonderful husband came to my aid. He always tells me to think about the event in stages. It has a beginning, a middle and an end. And if I would just treat this day as a stage play and watch all the people play their parts instead of becoming part of the play, it would fly by much faster, and more enjoyably.

So that's what I did. This morning, I got up and noticed how beautiful the day was. Just living in the moment. Then I began thinking about going to the Farmer's Market, which I absolutely love. With each moment of the day, I found a positive aspect to focus on, instead of focusing all my attention on the negative. Before long, Ruth and I were driving through what I call "the velvet hills" on our way to Brentwood. We arrived at our destination and the play began. All the usual characters were present and accounted for. We greeted one another and the most amazing thing happened. Everyone settled into their parts, and I found I was not in the play at all! It was almost as if I was totally invisible! (Except for the children, of course, but we all know children see things grown-ups can't see anyway). I was able to steal away and spend some quiet time alone, while the play continued in earnest. The middle of the event, came and went without me hardly noticing at all, and suddenly, it was the end! Glory hallelujah!

As I related the events of the day to Mark, I felt totally detached from their drama and negativity. I feel exhilarated that I was not caught up in the play, but was able to calmly take notice and be at peace.

This is what I learned from today. Just because it's family, or friends, you don't have to get into the play and be part of the drama. It is possible to calmly sit back and watch and perhaps find that instead of a drama, it's really a comedy. The best choice is to steer clear of those negative situations. Why would anyone want to put themselves in the midst of chaos? But if the choice you make is to be a part of the party, because that feels better than the alternative, try and just be an observer. Be an audience member instead of one of the actors. It's much more fun, and you'll see the day pass very quickly and be "the end" before you realize.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vortex of Joy

Wow! This has been a real whirlwind day! I've gotten so much accomplished. The main thing, however, is that since I made the intention to monitor all my thoughts and feelings that do not reflect joy, and turn them around, I've seen how much of my waking life is taken up by negativity that I do not wish to have.

I'm so grateful Wisdom makes me aware, each time I step out of the vortex of joy so I can get back in. I've notice sometimes the decision to turn around the negativity is not all that easy. Why? Because it's a lot easier to stay in the familiar place of disapproval and judgment because that's how I was raised.

Mark and I both decided to make staying in the steady stream of well-being and joy a continuous part of our lives. So, when I start going down that old familiar path, he quickly points it out to me. Sometimes in mid-sentence, and as I search for the words and attitude to change it to, we both just look at each other and start to laugh. Suddenly, walla, we are back in the vortex. It can be that simple! Other times, we have to work to change our thoughts.

For me, today, I made it into a game. Even when I'm out driving in the traffic and find myself getting annoyed at another driver's "dumb" mistakes, Wisdom quickly reminds me I'm stepping out of the vortex again, and I immediately find a way to get back in.

Making it a game is important for me so I don't get down on myself when I goof up. If I make it fun, it's easier to turn around. If I dwell on how bad I goofed up, then I spiral out of control and it takes a lot longer to get back into balance.

All in all, it's been a very interesting day. The adventures are just getting started! I now look forward to tomorrow and the challenges that will nail me so I can joyfully overcome them.

Have you tried to stay in the Vortex of Joy? What are your experiences? How have you
chosen to let the negativity drop away? If so, tell me your stories.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Joy On Purpose

It was a long day for Mark today! He went to work at 3am and got off about 12:30pm. This was the second day he had to work this shift. He was tired! He came in the door, handed his empty lunch bag to me and headed off to the bedroom to get out of his work clothes. As usual, I followed him to see how his day went. He chatted about work, and all the things that happened during the day, and then he made a comment that struck that little chord in my spirit once again.

He said, "Be joyful on purpose! Don't be passive and wait for challenging opportunities to come around before you seek joy. Do it on purpose, ahead of time and watch those challenges diminish."

DING! I think he's on to something! But once again, that means we have to make a choice. Aren't you just about finished letting the challenges that present themselves to you beat you up? I know I am. So, this is my new project! I choose to be Joyful On Purpose.

Want to join me?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Unfinished Business"

I am reading this wonderful book by James Van Praagh called "Unfinished Business. What The Dead Can Teach Us About Life".
Mr. Van Praagh is a Medium who communicates with individuals that have passed from this realm into the Light. The stories he relays in his books are eye-openers and very poignant to the challenges and questions of the living. In this book, he deals with issues such as Guilt, Regret, Blame, Forgiveness, Fear and much more.

One part that really spoke to me is in the Regrets chapter. It deals with Judgment. I was happily reading along, enjoying the stories, when I ran across these two sentences, and they hit me right between the eyes.

"It is so easy to judge another, because judgment places us in a position of power. When we love ourselves for who we are and love others for exactly who they are, there is very little reason to judge."

In my life, whenever something hits me that hard, it usually means there is a message for me personally, or to share with someone. This one was personal! I stopped reading right there and began to skim through my life and the different ways I judge. I allowed myself to feel what those judgments felt like in my body and spirit, and found he was right! It DID make me feel more powerful when I judged others opinions and thoughts next to mine! I mean, it's all about who's right and who's wrong . . . right? It also made me feel heavy, anxious, and physically I could feel my muscles tense up and my stomach start to feel queasy.

And, oh, the justifications that started forming in my mind! Talk about resistance!

"Well, can't I even have an opinion?" I asked my Wisdom, as I puffed out my chest (and felt my mouth drooping into a frown). The answer was simple yet profound and gave me a new way to approach this whole subject.

Of course, I can have my own opinions. They just don't have to agree with anyone elses opinions. The difference is, what is my thought process when I don't agree? Is it one of arrogance in KNOWING I'm right, or is it a more loving stance to accept that, even though my opinion differs from others, it's all okay.

So what if someone is raising a child; treating their spouse; buying their groceries differently than I would. What if they eat junk food, or health food; drive a Chevy or Ford. It does not make me right and them wrong. It only shows the beauty in our diversity.

You can bet I will watch for my judgmental thoughts from now on and choose to change them into acceptance and love. Have you been judgmental in your life? If so, what will you do about it? Will you continue to dogmatically stick to your "judgment", or will you choose to seek the better feeling of love and acceptance?

Whatever you decide . . . I love and accept you no matter what!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Plan

The other day, I told you about my vision of Farmer's Markets and people living their lives in wonderful little communities where giving and receiving was the norm. I brought up the fact that we all as individuals have the power within ourselves to create our world the way we want it. I also suggested that if we as a collective group of souls put our thoughts together, perhaps, just perhaps we could really make a difference. I told you I had a plan, so here it is.

First of all, I feel
the need to tell you that none of us can make any difference in this world unless we make a difference in our own lives to begin with. In fact, that IS how we make a difference in the world, by minding our own business and doing what brings joy to us as individuals. So how do we create peace in our own world? Well, I have a few suggestions. Very practical suggestions that include everyday habits we can change without much effort.

Hold onto your seat, here goes!

Turn off the TV! Okay, I'm thinking mostly of the news broadcasts. I know we all have our favorite TV shows. In fact, I can't get through the week without seeing Melinda Gordon free some earthbound spirits in "Ghost Whisperer" every Friday evening. What I'm talking about is listening to other people tell us their view on what's happening in the world and telling us constantly how horrible everything is. Just think about it. How do we feel after watching the news? Uplifted? Encouraged? Ready to be inspired to help others around us? If the answer to any of these questions is "no", then what good is it doing our very sensitive and beautiful spirit? Why feed our mind things that do not and cannot serve us in a good way? So, stop watching the news! After that, perhaps we need to examine the programs we watch. I'm not suggesting we give them up, but just notice how they make us feel. If it's any less than encouraged, perhaps we should ask ourselves if that's still okay with our spirit.

Along the same lines, stop reading the news in print or on the Internet. Stop listening to it on the radio. This will go along way in changing our vibration to a lighter more joyful one. After all, everything we read, watch, and hear are only other people's opinions and thoughts. The media, no matter which station or paper you subscribe to is biased. The "Right" wants to tell you how terrible the "Left" is and the "Left" wants to tell you how terrible the "Right" is. Does this really promote unity? And if we put ourselves in the middle of that vibration, how do we help ourselves feel better, much less anyone else.

"But we can't put our heads in the sand. We have to know what's going on around us."

Okay, so we know this person is blaming that person for the horrible economy and that person is blaming someone else. How is that helping the economy or us? In fact, as most of us know "like attracts like", so if we want more of a bad economy, just keep bringing atten
tion to it. What would happen if we determined in our own heart that the "bad economy", was not going to effect us, and we focused on what brings us joy instead? Don't you think that would go a long way to raise our vibration out of the muck everyone else is in? And what do you think would happen if all of us did that. If we all just began to attract joy and happiness into our lives and appreciate what we have right now. If everyone did that, the economy would not be a problem. In fact, I'll bet many of the "problems" that are perceived in this country would vanish!

So, let's think individually for the moment instead of globally. When we think globally, we put our noses in other people's business and try telling them how to live their lives. Instead, just live our own lives in the most joyful and appreciative way we can.

I'd love to challenge you to try this for one week! No news, or news programs, or talk radio, or newspapers; and while we are on the subject; why not turn the volume down on the TV whenever one of those drug commercials comes on.

What do you think? Can you do it? Let me know how it's going.

Magical Farmer's Markets

I love Farmer's Markets!

I love the diversity of the people; I love the di
splay after displays of fresh fruit and vegetables; I love the fragrances as the food vendors cook up their specialties; I love the energy!

Farmer's markets are the reason I love Saturday mornings! I plan meals for the week with fresh veggies and delightful fresh foods in mind.

This morning, I wondered why I enjoy them so much and I remembered a few years ago being in a group of participants who under hypnosis traveled into the future. We were to report back what we saw.

Unfortunately, the person who did the hypnosis told us beforehand what he thought the future looked like, so that was the thought that was in most every one's minds a
s they went into trance. I, however, being the rebel I am, did not like what he said, so refused his vision.

What I saw was wonderful Farmer's Markets! There were no more big grocery stores, but fields and fields of fresh vegetables, fruits and grains. There was also fresh fish in some communities and fresh meat. Everyone bartered and traded either goods for goods or some other energy exchange. All was peaceful and the energy was delightful! That is what I saw then and that's what I see now, when it comes to thinking about the future.

I don't see a big ka-boom and the world ending in 2012! I don't see blood and destruction all over the place. I don't see fighting, and waring, and skyscrapers on fire. I see peace
and camaraderie. People getting along, each in the community they have chosen to live. Accepting and being accepted. Then I thought about the power we have as individuals. Individually, we can create our world as we want it to be. So doesn't it seem reasonable that collectively, if we all concentrate our thoughts on peace and serenity, we can actually bring this world to that state instead?

I've got an idea! Join me here tomorrow and I'll share with you a plan! I'm excited to see what you think. Can we really do it? Stay tuned!