Friday, August 28, 2009

Giving, Giving, Giving

Giving. Everyone knows it's a good thing. All around us there are people trying to convince us to give to their causes. And there really is no short supply of Speakers and Teachers that will tell us not only is giving a good thing, but it's our responsibility to give and give A LOT. This is not only prevalent on the infomercials on TV, but also with Christian Preachers and Metaphysical Teachers as well. Even though I do agree giving is a good thing; I will not be manipulated by others using emotion or playing on my sympathies to get a hand out.

This is how I feel: Sometimes there are times when giving can hinder a person's path. What would happen if you gave to someone and by doing so, they abandoned thei
r path of faith to sit around and wait for more handouts? That is why I feel it is so very important to listen to our Higher Selves (Wisdom) to determine what to give; where; and how much. I do not listen to others trying to guilt me into doing something. I listen to my Wisdom.

This morning I received a Tweet on Twitter from a lady who is on the brink of losing everything. I mean everything. Her house; her car; even perhaps her husband. As I read her story, I felt that familiar stirring in my heart signaling a message from Wisdom. I've been in terrible predicaments before myself, not knowing what to do or where to turn. This lady, however, instead of whining and crying about her difficulties has come up with a creative way of bringing in some immediate, much needed cash. She's not sitting around waiting for the government to come bail her out. She and her whole family are being pro-active in getting out of their situation. Because of this, my heart goes out to her and her family and I am backing her with as much support as I can possibly give.

Now, I'm not telling any of you to give to this family. I simply wanted to share my heart regarding them with you, but if you are so inclined, this is her blog site where you can read her story and judge for yourself. Katalyst Coaching

I'm very touched and encouraged by this dear lady's tenacity and courage. Knowing she could be jeered at and judged, she stepped out in faith with this project. And the best part? She still has a positive attitude that all is well. This is just temporary, and will pass. What a testament to walking your talk!

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