Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Set In My Ways"

I find it funny when someone does not agree with me, they may think I'm "closed minded", or "set in my ways", or "not willing to change", or the one that hurts me the most, "not open to Spirit"? All because I have my own thoughts and spiritual guidance that is not the same as theirs.

It's easy to "pigeon hole" a person according to their thoughts or beliefs and even perhaps think less of them because they are not on the same "spiritual plane" as we are, but how does that pious way of viewing others reflect the true light we all are?

Just because I think I have "the answer" does not mean it's the answer for anyone else. It's MY answer for MY life, at this time. If I choose to share it with you it's not because I think you should follow my answer, but use your feelings to detect what fits for you. Perhaps the "answer" I've found for me helps you define your answer better. Perhaps you don't happen to agree with me. It's all good! I've simply shared what worked for me. You may see my thought process will not work for you, but because of the contrast, you've been able to identify what will work. Wonderful! Now you have found YOUR answer! I will celebrate your choices and adventures in this lifetime along with mine; and we don't even have to agree!

Maybe if we all start to practice allowing others to find their own way instead of insisting they believe the way we do, our lives would be more peaceful. What do you think?

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