Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Too Sensitive!

Have you ever been accused of being too sensitive? Perhaps the person who proclaimed that was teasing, or maybe they meant it as a compliment or "put down". What do those words mean to you?

For me, they mean several different things. My loving husband told me one day on vacation that I was being "too sensitive". He did not mean that in a negative matter, but as is usual when my Wisdom speaks to me, I felt a dagger in my heart.

So, I asked Wisdom, what does being "too sensitive" mean? I've been thinking about that question since I got home and have come up with a couple things it means to me. When I'm being "too sensitive" I can usually boil it down to two reasons.

1. I'm too focused on what others may think of me or
2. I'm seeking attention

Usually the first one comes about when I'm with Mark or a friend and we are out sightseeing or shopping. Instead of being honest about what I'd like to do, I bow to whatever they want. But here's the kicker. . . it's because somewhere deep down inside, I still think I will not be accepted if I don't do what they want. "What if we do what I want and it turns out to be horrible or they really don't want to do it? Will Mark, or my friend still like me, or will they secretly within themselves say how much they do not ever want to spend time with me again?"

Now anyone who knows Mark knows that's absurd! And really, if I stop and think about it, I'm not giving my friends too much credit either, am I? In my little world, I would never dump a friend because we did something that turned out terrible, so why would I think they would do that to me? See how silly that is?

Then there's number 2: Attention. I had a really great example of that while on vacation. We were at our swimming place on the Yuba River and a group of young adults came by. Everyone was having a great time splashing and going down the rapids, except one girl. She complained about everything! The depth and temperature of the water; the current in the river; everything. The rest of her party continued to frolic and play moving upstream, but she whined and cried every step of the way. Even to the point of standing knee high in the water proclaiming her fear, until she was able to distract everyone else from their fun to talk her into proceeding upstream with them. It was really sad to watch. But, how many times have I done something similar? How many times have I allowed my sensitivity to get in the way of other people's fun as well as my own? Once again, how silly is that!

So now, I will take notice when someone tells me I'm being too sensitive and ask my Wisdom what it is I'm really doing. The fun result of seeing the real reason for being "too sensitive" is that I have the power within me to change it immediately. As soon as I notice it, I can choose a different thought. I can choose a higher vibration. I can choose to put aside that crap and have fun!

How have you been "too sensitive" in your life? Is it really a positive thing? Or is it an old familiar, perhaps even a game you play with yourself and others that you are not totally conscious of. Kinda makes ya think, huh?

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  1. This is a goooood topic! "you're being too sensitive" is a statement that I've also found a sting with. i remember reading in a relationship book about how hurtful that statement can be and to really look at what we're saying when we're saying that to someone... (now I KNOW Mark didn't mean it as a judgement.. and I really like your way of interpretting it) i just don't personally believe in "too sensitive".. i think the more sensitive we are.. the more in tune are and the more aware we are, the stronger we are.. like you dear Pat demonstrated.. in that statement you reflected on what it REALLY meant to you AND you gave credit to Mark, understanding WHO he is inside of that statement. thanx for giving me reason to process this one...;) Love you both! Madison