Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fall Pruning

Fall is the perfect time to prune trees and shrubs, roses and other lovely additions to our yards. Pruning allows new growth to get the nutrients it needs to expand and grow into a more beautiful plant in the spring.

Autumn is also a great time to examine our lives and see where we may need to prune beliefs; lifestyles; or even friends. Sometimes the process is easy, simply by choosing a different way of thinking and sometimes it can be more difficult when it comes to allowing relationships to drop away. However, the end result is a wonderful new spurt of growth, the likes of which we could not imagine before.

I love Autumn! And lately, I've been feeling that familiar chill in the air that signals it's coming.
For me, that also means to consider what needs to be pruned in my life. There are always belief systems that come under scrutiny, but this year, I'm finding a new avenue to look at... friends. This year, I'm having to think about relationships that I've been holding tight to, that need to fall away. But it's not a bad thing! I'm beginning to see that when we allow even relationships that do not serve us any longer to drop away, new ones that are deeper and more in line with what our spirit is calling for come into focus.

There's a poem floating around on the internet about this very thing. It talks of friends coming into and going out of our lives. Some are there for just a short time, others are there forever. That's just the cycle of life. It's all part of the natural order of things, just as weeding a garden is the natural course of action to insure the healthy growth of the garden, or pruning the plants in the fall insure greater, more beautiful foliage and blossoms in the Spring.

What do you have to prune out of your life this fall? Will you allow it to fall away or will you dogmatically fight to keep it there by your side? Your feelings will tell you the answer. Will you follow what feels right to you or hold onto beliefs because that's "how I was raised?" Close your eyes and imagine what your future looks like with each challenge you struggle with. As you do, it will all become very clear.

My Spring is going to be glorious! What about yours?


  1. Greetings Pat,

    Thank you for such an lovely thought provoking post ... I understand this totally and will say that there is {{ one }} aspect in my life that I have been in difficult choice thought about since 2007.

    I can not share the details here as it is a private matter but it consists of choice a choice between my family that has ridged mindset conditioning or the aspect that came into my life in 2007.

    The aspect is NOW a vibrant loving caring being ... the history of the aspect is more than colorful of the greatest crime and I myself FORGIVE Unconditionally But my family {not my son} can not see passed the history.

    As you say in your post Quote: "Close your eyes and imagine what your future looks like with each challenge you struggle with. As you do, it will all become very clear." ... I have closed my eyes many days looking Very closely at how it would be ... my family would be left in turmoil of human fear & I, my son and the aspect would be SO happy and complete ... But due to as you say "Dogmatic Thinking" I do not follow my dream.

    I hold on to the hope that my family will one day accept that certain parts of people can change and do change.

    My family life has been chained by my parents fears my father is now gone {2004} and my mother try's her best to be accepting But she can not see past this that I have in my life that I know is my missing piece.

    I have this strong feeling that I may be able to speak to you personally about this through email which I will DM to you ... I feel that you are way past passing personal judgments of people's history.

    {{{ Thank You }}}

    Sending Lots of Love & Blessings to you xoxoxoxox

  2. Beautiful Pat. as always, I feel the inspiration and connection in your words. It doesn't surprise me that what you wrote is EXACTLY what i've been talking about with my sister lately... we've gotta cut things out as we get closer and closer to ourselves and align with our higher selves... it's just a natural part of honoring the nature of things...AND ourselves! it's the hardest thing to have to admit that certain friends may not be healthy to have around anymore but it's so crucial to be honest and trust in the process of letting go...best for all involved...it's just HONEST and allows for so much more energy to flow in. Anyway... I thank you for your words Pat... just validates exactly some new choices I am making. love you! Madison