Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Unfinished Business"

I am reading this wonderful book by James Van Praagh called "Unfinished Business. What The Dead Can Teach Us About Life".
Mr. Van Praagh is a Medium who communicates with individuals that have passed from this realm into the Light. The stories he relays in his books are eye-openers and very poignant to the challenges and questions of the living. In this book, he deals with issues such as Guilt, Regret, Blame, Forgiveness, Fear and much more.

One part that really spoke to me is in the Regrets chapter. It deals with Judgment. I was happily reading along, enjoying the stories, when I ran across these two sentences, and they hit me right between the eyes.

"It is so easy to judge another, because judgment places us in a position of power. When we love ourselves for who we are and love others for exactly who they are, there is very little reason to judge."

In my life, whenever something hits me that hard, it usually means there is a message for me personally, or to share with someone. This one was personal! I stopped reading right there and began to skim through my life and the different ways I judge. I allowed myself to feel what those judgments felt like in my body and spirit, and found he was right! It DID make me feel more powerful when I judged others opinions and thoughts next to mine! I mean, it's all about who's right and who's wrong . . . right? It also made me feel heavy, anxious, and physically I could feel my muscles tense up and my stomach start to feel queasy.

And, oh, the justifications that started forming in my mind! Talk about resistance!

"Well, can't I even have an opinion?" I asked my Wisdom, as I puffed out my chest (and felt my mouth drooping into a frown). The answer was simple yet profound and gave me a new way to approach this whole subject.

Of course, I can have my own opinions. They just don't have to agree with anyone elses opinions. The difference is, what is my thought process when I don't agree? Is it one of arrogance in KNOWING I'm right, or is it a more loving stance to accept that, even though my opinion differs from others, it's all okay.

So what if someone is raising a child; treating their spouse; buying their groceries differently than I would. What if they eat junk food, or health food; drive a Chevy or Ford. It does not make me right and them wrong. It only shows the beauty in our diversity.

You can bet I will watch for my judgmental thoughts from now on and choose to change them into acceptance and love. Have you been judgmental in your life? If so, what will you do about it? Will you continue to dogmatically stick to your "judgment", or will you choose to seek the better feeling of love and acceptance?

Whatever you decide . . . I love and accept you no matter what!

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