Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Vacation

Today is the first official day of our vacation! I'm soooo excited! Got up at 8am to do the final preparations for our trip. Since we will be gone for a week, we put up the awning on the RV, and unhooked everything in addition to packing the usual necessary items for our camping excursion.

Finally at about noon, we were ready to pull out of the driveway. Said our good-byes to Mark's mom, and off we went. We got two minutes away from the house and had to go back. Mark forgot his wallet, and I forgot my water, and we both forgot the Anniversary cards we were trying to hide from each other. I was trying to sneak his out of the house when he came out to the car, he had a big grin and said, "thanks for reminding me, I forgot your's too".

So, off we went again! As is the usual case when you go on any trip, as
soon as you get out of town, you get the hungries. We got as far as Tracy, about 45 minutes away and stopped at one of Mark's favorite buffets for lunch. If you've ever had dinner with us, you know that Mark is a slow eater. Two hours later, we hit the road again. Now, we were movin! Listening to Abraham-Hicks and talking back and forth; air conditioning on, moving at around 75 mph. Oh how wonderful that air conditioning felt since it was 95 degrees outside. Suddenly, about an hour into our trip, Mark pulled off the road into a parking lot. I was stunned and asked what happened. The car was overheating. Mark raised the hood to help the car cool down and check the oil. Then he noticed it. The bolt that holds the alternator in place came loose! If we had continued on our way without noticing that little gem, the alternator could have fallen out and we would be stuck in a tiny little town called Newcastle. Thank you Angels and Guides! He put some oil in the car, tightened the bolt, and let the car cool down and once again, about 45 minutes later we were on the road. Our destination was only about 45 minutes away and both of us were very excited to get there.

In the past I
might have been upset at the thought that the car was overheating and now it was gonna take even longer to get to our destination; but this time, I was fine about it. I knew there had to be a reason we got off the road, so I was grateful our Guides and Angels were watching out for us.

Finally, at 5pm, we arrived and checked into our camping spot.

We were delighted to find our sight had running water, and is very comfortable. In fact it is a nice cool 70 degrees even though the temperature outside is 90. We are very pleased.

Time to find our favorite grocery store and get provisions. So we went to Raley's. It's the closest thing we can find to a Fred Meyer store here in California. At least the grocery section of Freddies!

Loaded with our supplies for a few days, we are now back at our campsite, ready to hunker down for the night. W
e're both exhausted, but there's still time for a nice fireside chat around the ..... um......computers!

I love camping! It's so relaxing! Stay tuned for more adventures tomorrow! It's gonna be
a busy week!

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  1. Those pics are priceless! I laughed too at the slow eating... Love your blogs Pat! I Felt like I was on vacation with you for a minute. can't wait to hear more....!* Love, Madison