Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Miracle

I didn't believe it could happen in my lifetime, but it has! The biggest miracle of my life has come to pass. I'm so happy and elated; my soul is dancing and singing and soooo very joyful; my physical body just wants to cry! Cry for joy; cry because there are no human words to describe the freedom that has come to me. So what has caused such jubilation in my life?

My Mother! That's right! My Mother!

You see for years I've actually hated my mom. I know that's not a politically correct thing to say, but it's the truth. I hated her for my child
hood; for the things I perceived she fell short on in raising my three siblings and I; for the way she treated my sister and dad; and of course how she treated me.

Everyone around me knows of my intense hatred for my mom, because I am very verbal to let them know.

About a month ago, I came to realize I am not going to receive all that my heart desires in this lifetime because there is a block. I've spen
t years and years trying to "see" what the block is and remove it from my life, to no avail. So I asked Wisdom to help me, not only see the blocks but release them. Not so much so I could get my "stuff", but because I saw that it was doing a number on my body, and I could never get to the elusive peace I so craved in my life. I listened to an Abraham-Hicks teaching, that mentioned something about "cleaning up your vibration" (attitudes, emotions.) So I asked Wisdom to help me clean up my vibration in every area of my life.

That very same day, I went shopping and the traffi
c was terrible. People shot out from every direction and frustrated the hell out of me. I got angry and as I usually do, I yelled at the other motorists that they needed to "learn how to drive". Suddenly, Wisdom said, "Oh, you mean clean up this vibration?"

That was the start of things. Each day, more and more "clean ups" were in order until today, as I drove along, Wisdom mentioned that I should call my mom. As I thought about her, an amazing thing happened. I didn't feel the hurt, or hatre
d any longer. Those feelings were replaced by compassion, pity and the ability to see beyond her physical being into the God that she truly is. I saw her in this physical body, so broken and bitter, but her spirit yearned to know love and acceptance just as I had! I turned into a park, walked to a nice shady area and called her.

The first words out of her mouth revealed to me how very broken she was. Not her spirit, but the hard shell she put around herself to be protected from hurt and pain. She told me she needed to apologize to me. Wow! My mother has ne
ver apologized for anything in this lifetime; ever, but the "cleaned up" part of me interrupted her in mid sentence and told her it was all okay! I told her she did not need to apologize to me for anything. In my spirit, I saw the astonishment that she felt as she asked, "why not"? At this point tears began to stream down my face. I told her, she had done nothing to apologize for. All the hatred I had once felt, was completely gone! All the anger, all the pain! In it's place was a love that cannot be described; only felt.

When our conversation was over, she thanked me. And as we hung up, I told her I loved her, and really meant it from the depths of my b

I thank you, Mom, for the contrast, for being the grand creator you are to allow me to learn and grow and be at the place in Spirit I now find myself.

Thank you Mom.

I am grateful for the patience of Wisdom, to bring me to this point. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, because I chose to lift it off. Why did I keep it there for so long?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Blessed Are the Children!

I really had to laugh! When I set out to wake up at a certain time each day, I asked "Wisdom" to help me do just that. I set my alarm and went to sleep. I have my clock set ten minutes fast, so I know that I won't over sleep. Anyway, next morning, the alarm went off at the prescribed time and I of course hit the snooze button and fell back to sleep. That happened about three more times before I finally got myself up! In the shower I started beating myself up, just a little, about how lazy I was to just keep hitting the snooze button instead of getting up like I wanted to. Once again, I asked "Wisdom" to please help me wake up and this time actually get up on time.

Next morning, the alarm went off as usual, and as usual in my sleepy stupor, I hit the snooze button. However, this time, "Wisdom" knew just what to do. At the exact time I wanted to get up, the children next door started running around and shouting and playing an
d laughing!

This of course made it impossible for me to sleep. I laid in bed for a few minutes grumbling to myself about how unfair it was that these children woke me up. I got in the shower and was still thinking about the kids but now I was trying to turn my thoughts around to think more positively about the situation.

"Well, they are kids and kids will be kids." I reasoned. "Besides, it's a lot more joyful to listen to them play and laugh than hear yelling and crying."

Already I began to feel better, and then Wisdom hit me! "That is what you asked for, wasn't it? To get up at this particular time?"

I had to laugh! Yes it was! I had asked for aid and got it. How wonderful it is to get immediate answers and guidance when asked for. I love it!

Now, I don't even have to set my alarm. The children wake me up exactly at the time I want to be up. And now, when I lay there pondering my day, I thank Wisdom for the blessed children! I thank Wisdom for allowing me to experience answers immediately and I take encouragement that if something this small can be answered that fast, then truly all my dreams are on their way to materializing in my physical world. Wonderful!

Monday, June 22, 2009


I am so grateful for Wisdom. Grateful for Wisdom's unconditional love and patience with me; grateful Wisdom is available anytime I need it; grateful that now that I'm 50 something, I finally understand who, what, and where Wisdom really is.

I AM Wisdom! Wisdom is my Higher Self. I have full access to Wisdom anytime because it is ME!

All my life I've wanted to be closer to God. All my life all I ever wanted to do was serve and love God, with all my heart. Every morning my tearful prayer was "please help me see You, hear You, and know You." And each evening I would retire wondering if I did enough that day to please God. Should I have done more? I wanted so much to go to Heaven when I died so I could be with God. But I was always fearful because, if I didn't do enough, then I would be thrown into the pit of hell, where I would live my eternity separated from the One I wanted to be with more than anything else. The church I went to always spoke of God's love . . . but . . . (there were always buts) . . . only if we followed His word, and did what the church said was His will. I lived in a state of fear and dread because every sermon seemed to be directed at me, and no matter how much I did, or thought, or said, it was never enough.

Imagine my total joy and surprise when I discovered that the Lord God that I wanted so very much to pour my love out to and serve with all my heart is MYSELF! Imagine the relief I feel now that I realize I am more than "good enough", but I AM a magnificent being in this little human body.

Now I feel more expanded than ever. I feel more in love with life than ever before, and now I realize what "Love yourself" really means. It is the God that is me! And the Wisdom that flows to me from Spirit, is really flowing from my Higher Self; that part of me that is in Spirit form right this very minute; connected to all there is! And because of that connection, ALL Wisdom is there for me anytime I wish.

I'll tell you, my human body is tingling with the expansiveness of who I AM. Nothing is impossible for me now. All healing; all joy; all creation is within my grasp. The only thing I need to do is allow it to flow to me. Like a river!

Now, I can ask a question of Wisdom, and allow the answer to flow to me. No striving; no straining; no questioning if it's just my imagination! All Wisdom is mine! All Knowledge is mine for the asking; all healing is totally accomplished. How wonderful it feels to realize and KNOW the God that I AM!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Congrats to Heather

Last week, our daughter, Heather, graduated from Southern Oregon University in Ashland Oregon with her degree in Music Education. We are soooo proud of her. Besides going to school full time, she managed to hold down a job and pay her own way in this venture. She worked hard and now will be taking a little time off school to concentrate on working to save money up for another project she has in mind and relaxing from the daily routine of school. You're the bomb, Heather! Great Job!

Enjoy your summer! You deserve it!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Revelations from Spirit

This revelation came to me one day as I was contemplating what I saw was my job in this world. I was upset because it seemed everything I was, hit a brick wall. After this enlightenment came to me, I felt like a lead weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was able to let go of all the things I thought I should be, and as Abraham-Hicks would say, turned my little boat around to flow downstream. Now, I feel so full and expanded! I feel as if light is shooting out my very pores and it feels natural, normal and oh, so wonderful!

We did not come here to help others, or counsel others in their lives, or be counseled by anyone. We did not come here to follow a specific teaching or leader, or to be t
eachers and leaders ourselves. We came here purely to live life! To find joy in all things. To be concerned only for our thoughts and how we expand our souls by the experiences we enjoy.

We came here to enjoy the things we created. The ocean as it ebbs and flows; the sunrise as it wakes the birds and brings light and newness to another day; the moon rise, as it casts it's peaceful and relaxing glow in the evening to sooth our souls in time of rest.

We do not have to bang around with others to "chip off the rough edges" of our character and make us better. We are already there! We've just been asleep! Now, we are awakening as a child does from his slumber. And when we stop rubbing the sand from our eyes, it is like Christmas morning, full of wonder and surprises each and everyday!

There is no higher authority in our lives than ourselves. We are the only ones who know what is best for us. As we listen to our feelings, we will be perfectly guided. It may not be how this person, or that person thinks it should be done, but it will be perfect because it comes from the only person in authority that matters in our lives, OURSELVES.

You, my dearest soul, are awakening to who you are. You are coming to realize all has been unreality and now you are moving into the future of light, love and clarity once again. You are becoming YOU. You are remembering who you are. And YOU are a magnificent; wondrous being that shines brightly in this foggy, murky world.

THAT, by the way, is how we help others. Not by what we have to teach, but by our light! We cannot do anything for anyone except allow them to see a different path than the one they are currently on. That new path is the one we've chosen to guide us back to ourselves. As they see this light, they will want to follow. We can only guide them back to themselves, and help them once again trust who they truly are.

Does this make sense to you? It sure did me. And it released my spirit to soar once again!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A New Story

I was in the store today and behind me was a young couple who just could not keep their hands (and faces) off each other. They were totally oblivious to others around them. I thought it was cute! The cashier, however, had a different opinion. She asked them if they had been together long. They were taken a bit by surprise, but lovingly gazed into each others eyes and said, "not really". This obviously brought a certain amount of joy to the cashier, having pegged the couple correctly, but she did not leave it at that! Instead she proceeded to tell them how she could tell, because of the way they were acting. Once they'd been together for awhile, they would start pushing each other away and not want the other person to touch them.

That hurt my heart! Here was this stranger unknowingly putting a "curse" on this young couple's relationship without even knowing what she was doing and with no thought except that she was proud of hers
elf for being right.

Then I looked at my own life and realized that I do the same thing sometimes, without even a thought as to how my negative energy may affect someone else. How many times have I looked at someone in a store and deemed them "out of line" or watch someones kids running rampant up and down the aisles and declared to myself that they would grow up to be delinquents How many times have I been quick to let others know my opinion about someone else, and then (much to my disgrace) declared with a certain amount of pride that I was right, when things went badly in their lives? Oh sure, I'm sorry things didn't work out, but "I knew they wouldn't".

I wonder what would happen if we changed the story in our minds. What if we expected everything to be wonderful for others instead of failing? What if, instead of pronouncing the end of something beautiful, we rejoiced with their happiness? What if we told a different story?

In fact, perhaps if we told a different story about our own lives, things would be much better.

For instance: Instead of telling the story of how sick we are; why not tell the story of how wonderfully healthy we are? Or instead of bemoaning the state of our marriage, what do you think would happen if we decided to change that story
and decide to focus on all the reasons we fell in love with our spouse instead of all the ways they are failing.

I am asking my Higher Self, (Spirit, Source, God), to help me see all the places I have written a sad, negative story and write a better one. One that reflects who I really am, a Light in this world of shadows. What story will you write?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I made it my intention today to make eye contact with everyone who came across my path, and simply smile!

As you can imagine, this simple act of kindness really drew a variety of reactions; from frowns to s
miles back, to pleasant beginnings of conversations.

Have we gotten so far away from each other that a simple smile would make us suspicious? I can almost hear people's thoughts as they try and figure out why I'm smiling at them!

"What does she want?" "What's she looking at?" "Do I look funny to you?"

You get the picture. Now let me ask you; what is your reaction when someone smiles at you? Do you have negative questions running around your mind even though you succeed in squirting out a smile back?

Perhaps it's time to change our perceptions just a bit. As many of us know, it takes less muscles to smile than to frown; and if you smile (even force yourself to smile) for just a few minutes, it will completely change how you look at situations in your life.

And what about the other person? Perhaps they have had a bad day or just received some bad news and seeing the lovely smile on your face helps them for just a nano second get their mind off that horrible feeling. Just think; If this person were to run into more people who gave them that nano second worth of freedom, they just might be able to rise out of their sad state of mind and begin to see things from a more positive view. Wow! All this, simply because we decided to smile.

Okay, but why look them in the eye? Why not just smile in their direction?

Here's my idea . . .

Have you ever heard that the eyes are the window to the soul? So if you were to look a person directly in the eye and smile, my thought is that you could reach down into their very soul and give them a piece of sunshine. It takes courage to look a stranger in the eye, but if you can do it; well, now they can actually feel that smile in the depths of their being! The result is that you have shared a joyful moment with someone. And they know you are sincere because, as you've looked them in the eye, they have been forced to do the same to you! How powerful is that?

So next time you're out and about, why not give it a try! When you get home, think about how smiling affected your life today. Don't you feel wonderful? Go ahead! Share a smile!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Real Motive

If we were to get really honest with ourselves; I mean really; past what other people think honest; what would our true motives for our beliefs or actions be?

For instance, why do I really want a house? What is the real reason I want to be financially wealthy? What do I really think about all this "going green" stuff? Why do I have the particular political or religious beliefs that I do? What's really important, and what's not?

Is it possible to put all the things others have told us about how to think and act, aside and find out our true thoughts? What if we, deep, deep down inside feel differently than how our friends or even our family does? How would they respond if we told them our truth? Are we concerned that perhaps they would argue with us or try to convince us of our wrong views? Are we afraid they may even stop being our friends and family? If that is the case, perhaps we should consider that we are living our life for the acceptance of others. Is that what we really want to do; live our lives to be accepted by others no matter how it makes us feel?

I think I want to find my real truth, and then be courageous enough to honor myself and stick to it. I think I will choose to live in acceptance of myself. Then, and only then will I truly live in freedom and light.

Want to join me?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Lessons of the Water

The Yuba River is located not too far outside of Nevada City, California. At least the section we decided to visit. The day promised to be a warm one and indeed, even at 9:00am, it was already gearing up to be just that! We parked the car in a nice shady area and found our path to the river. It was steep and rugged, with loose dirt and boulders jutting out the side of the bank, and we thought about how it might be coming back up this path. Nervously laughing, we put that out of our minds for the time being.

Finally we made it to the river's edge and it was gorgeous beyond words! The sound of the water was hypnotic and soothing to our very souls. We quickly tore off our shoes and dipped our feet in the cold healing waters. Such relief and release. It was awesome!

Mark decided to move downstream a bit and I stretched out my blanket to sit on the bank and listen to what Spirit may want me to know.

Waves of emotion washed over me and I sobbed and sobbed. My face felt like a river had washed over it with salty streams of tears. What was there for me to cry about? Nothing and everything. I allowed all the tears to flow freely and as I did, I listened for anything that would bring peace to my heart once again.

As I sat there, I heard the water rush by. I opened my eyes and saw a huge boulder planted right in the middle of the stream. As I gazed upon the scene before me, the lesson of the water became clear.

The water has one destination in mind. It "lives" and flows to reach that destination. It begins as a droplet in the form of a rain drop or snow flake and then as it begins it's journey, it joins other droplets and together they flow to their destination. Some of the water evaporates and begins it's travels in perhaps another part of the world. Some pools in a puddle and becomes stagnate until a rain storm gets it moving again. Nonetheless, the water keeps moving in the direction of it's destiny. It is not all smooth flowing, however. There can be rocks in the way or even boulders, but the water does not stop in it's flowing and say, "alas, I cannot go on, because of this rock in my way". Instead, it finds a way around the obstacle and continues it's course downstream.

As I ponder upon my life and the "obstacles" that lay in wait for me, I, too have a choice. I can stop in front of my obstacle and proclaim all the reasons I am not allowed to continue my flow to my destination, or I can find a way around the obstacle and continue joyfully on my journey. Sometimes, when I keep my eye on the destination and the glorious-ness of that, I can float right over the obstacles. Other times, if I am enjoying my travels, I will find a way around such deterrents. Unlike the water, it is my choice. Flow with life or struggle against it. My choice is to flow.
I did it! I created my first blog! I'm so excited to be sharing all the wonderful things Spirit has been showing me with all my friends in cyberspace! It's kinda funny thinking about that and how connected we all are with the internet.

Suddenly, I'm seeing how connected we all really are. And we really don't need the internet! Wow! This wonderful tool is just a symbol of our connectivity! We are all connected, one with the other. How cool is that?