Thursday, June 4, 2009

A New Story

I was in the store today and behind me was a young couple who just could not keep their hands (and faces) off each other. They were totally oblivious to others around them. I thought it was cute! The cashier, however, had a different opinion. She asked them if they had been together long. They were taken a bit by surprise, but lovingly gazed into each others eyes and said, "not really". This obviously brought a certain amount of joy to the cashier, having pegged the couple correctly, but she did not leave it at that! Instead she proceeded to tell them how she could tell, because of the way they were acting. Once they'd been together for awhile, they would start pushing each other away and not want the other person to touch them.

That hurt my heart! Here was this stranger unknowingly putting a "curse" on this young couple's relationship without even knowing what she was doing and with no thought except that she was proud of hers
elf for being right.

Then I looked at my own life and realized that I do the same thing sometimes, without even a thought as to how my negative energy may affect someone else. How many times have I looked at someone in a store and deemed them "out of line" or watch someones kids running rampant up and down the aisles and declared to myself that they would grow up to be delinquents How many times have I been quick to let others know my opinion about someone else, and then (much to my disgrace) declared with a certain amount of pride that I was right, when things went badly in their lives? Oh sure, I'm sorry things didn't work out, but "I knew they wouldn't".

I wonder what would happen if we changed the story in our minds. What if we expected everything to be wonderful for others instead of failing? What if, instead of pronouncing the end of something beautiful, we rejoiced with their happiness? What if we told a different story?

In fact, perhaps if we told a different story about our own lives, things would be much better.

For instance: Instead of telling the story of how sick we are; why not tell the story of how wonderfully healthy we are? Or instead of bemoaning the state of our marriage, what do you think would happen if we decided to change that story
and decide to focus on all the reasons we fell in love with our spouse instead of all the ways they are failing.

I am asking my Higher Self, (Spirit, Source, God), to help me see all the places I have written a sad, negative story and write a better one. One that reflects who I really am, a Light in this world of shadows. What story will you write?

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  1. I love the "Light in a world of shadows" statement. Thanks