Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Real Motive

If we were to get really honest with ourselves; I mean really; past what other people think honest; what would our true motives for our beliefs or actions be?

For instance, why do I really want a house? What is the real reason I want to be financially wealthy? What do I really think about all this "going green" stuff? Why do I have the particular political or religious beliefs that I do? What's really important, and what's not?

Is it possible to put all the things others have told us about how to think and act, aside and find out our true thoughts? What if we, deep, deep down inside feel differently than how our friends or even our family does? How would they respond if we told them our truth? Are we concerned that perhaps they would argue with us or try to convince us of our wrong views? Are we afraid they may even stop being our friends and family? If that is the case, perhaps we should consider that we are living our life for the acceptance of others. Is that what we really want to do; live our lives to be accepted by others no matter how it makes us feel?

I think I want to find my real truth, and then be courageous enough to honor myself and stick to it. I think I will choose to live in acceptance of myself. Then, and only then will I truly live in freedom and light.

Want to join me?


  1. Leading edge thought is never popular... but without it we never expand! So I'm with you. I'll honor myself by continually searching my truth and sticking to it. Let's live free!

  2. Good questions. Do we want to be a tribe member, or a self-actualizer? I vote for self-actualization! To listen is not to follow: (6 parts) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XyAQfqpP6o

  3. Yes, I will join you in the search for your real truth. Do you already have the courage to honor yourself and stick to the real truth once you find it, or will we need to develop the courage?

    I do congratulate you for choosing to live in acceptance of yourself. I wonder, however, who accepts who? Does higher self accept lower self or lower accept higher? Is there a self called upon to accept both higher and lower self?

    What is Pat Goodeill's real motive?