Monday, June 22, 2009


I am so grateful for Wisdom. Grateful for Wisdom's unconditional love and patience with me; grateful Wisdom is available anytime I need it; grateful that now that I'm 50 something, I finally understand who, what, and where Wisdom really is.

I AM Wisdom! Wisdom is my Higher Self. I have full access to Wisdom anytime because it is ME!

All my life I've wanted to be closer to God. All my life all I ever wanted to do was serve and love God, with all my heart. Every morning my tearful prayer was "please help me see You, hear You, and know You." And each evening I would retire wondering if I did enough that day to please God. Should I have done more? I wanted so much to go to Heaven when I died so I could be with God. But I was always fearful because, if I didn't do enough, then I would be thrown into the pit of hell, where I would live my eternity separated from the One I wanted to be with more than anything else. The church I went to always spoke of God's love . . . but . . . (there were always buts) . . . only if we followed His word, and did what the church said was His will. I lived in a state of fear and dread because every sermon seemed to be directed at me, and no matter how much I did, or thought, or said, it was never enough.

Imagine my total joy and surprise when I discovered that the Lord God that I wanted so very much to pour my love out to and serve with all my heart is MYSELF! Imagine the relief I feel now that I realize I am more than "good enough", but I AM a magnificent being in this little human body.

Now I feel more expanded than ever. I feel more in love with life than ever before, and now I realize what "Love yourself" really means. It is the God that is me! And the Wisdom that flows to me from Spirit, is really flowing from my Higher Self; that part of me that is in Spirit form right this very minute; connected to all there is! And because of that connection, ALL Wisdom is there for me anytime I wish.

I'll tell you, my human body is tingling with the expansiveness of who I AM. Nothing is impossible for me now. All healing; all joy; all creation is within my grasp. The only thing I need to do is allow it to flow to me. Like a river!

Now, I can ask a question of Wisdom, and allow the answer to flow to me. No striving; no straining; no questioning if it's just my imagination! All Wisdom is mine! All Knowledge is mine for the asking; all healing is totally accomplished. How wonderful it feels to realize and KNOW the God that I AM!


  1. The most profound so far... I know there's so much more to come. I look forward to continual revelations from Wisdom.

  2. This is great! Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Thou art that: always has been, forever will be.

  5. Oh Pat, I just read your blog on Wisdom...WOW. Absolutely profound, empowering, TRUE and BEAUTIFUL. You are just tapping into that Eternal fountain of YOU and spreading an infectious vibe of Eternal Love and Awesome Power everywhere...Reminding us that we HAVE THAT IN US! Thank you SO much for sharing. I LOVE EVERYTHING that you write because it always comes from that Purest, Truest and most Powerful place...from that Amazing Source and Heart energy that we all share. Way to TAP IN mama!!!! lol... Love you!!! Love, Madison