Monday, June 29, 2009

Blessed Are the Children!

I really had to laugh! When I set out to wake up at a certain time each day, I asked "Wisdom" to help me do just that. I set my alarm and went to sleep. I have my clock set ten minutes fast, so I know that I won't over sleep. Anyway, next morning, the alarm went off at the prescribed time and I of course hit the snooze button and fell back to sleep. That happened about three more times before I finally got myself up! In the shower I started beating myself up, just a little, about how lazy I was to just keep hitting the snooze button instead of getting up like I wanted to. Once again, I asked "Wisdom" to please help me wake up and this time actually get up on time.

Next morning, the alarm went off as usual, and as usual in my sleepy stupor, I hit the snooze button. However, this time, "Wisdom" knew just what to do. At the exact time I wanted to get up, the children next door started running around and shouting and playing an
d laughing!

This of course made it impossible for me to sleep. I laid in bed for a few minutes grumbling to myself about how unfair it was that these children woke me up. I got in the shower and was still thinking about the kids but now I was trying to turn my thoughts around to think more positively about the situation.

"Well, they are kids and kids will be kids." I reasoned. "Besides, it's a lot more joyful to listen to them play and laugh than hear yelling and crying."

Already I began to feel better, and then Wisdom hit me! "That is what you asked for, wasn't it? To get up at this particular time?"

I had to laugh! Yes it was! I had asked for aid and got it. How wonderful it is to get immediate answers and guidance when asked for. I love it!

Now, I don't even have to set my alarm. The children wake me up exactly at the time I want to be up. And now, when I lay there pondering my day, I thank Wisdom for the blessed children! I thank Wisdom for allowing me to experience answers immediately and I take encouragement that if something this small can be answered that fast, then truly all my dreams are on their way to materializing in my physical world. Wonderful!

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