Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Plan

The other day, I told you about my vision of Farmer's Markets and people living their lives in wonderful little communities where giving and receiving was the norm. I brought up the fact that we all as individuals have the power within ourselves to create our world the way we want it. I also suggested that if we as a collective group of souls put our thoughts together, perhaps, just perhaps we could really make a difference. I told you I had a plan, so here it is.

First of all, I feel
the need to tell you that none of us can make any difference in this world unless we make a difference in our own lives to begin with. In fact, that IS how we make a difference in the world, by minding our own business and doing what brings joy to us as individuals. So how do we create peace in our own world? Well, I have a few suggestions. Very practical suggestions that include everyday habits we can change without much effort.

Hold onto your seat, here goes!

Turn off the TV! Okay, I'm thinking mostly of the news broadcasts. I know we all have our favorite TV shows. In fact, I can't get through the week without seeing Melinda Gordon free some earthbound spirits in "Ghost Whisperer" every Friday evening. What I'm talking about is listening to other people tell us their view on what's happening in the world and telling us constantly how horrible everything is. Just think about it. How do we feel after watching the news? Uplifted? Encouraged? Ready to be inspired to help others around us? If the answer to any of these questions is "no", then what good is it doing our very sensitive and beautiful spirit? Why feed our mind things that do not and cannot serve us in a good way? So, stop watching the news! After that, perhaps we need to examine the programs we watch. I'm not suggesting we give them up, but just notice how they make us feel. If it's any less than encouraged, perhaps we should ask ourselves if that's still okay with our spirit.

Along the same lines, stop reading the news in print or on the Internet. Stop listening to it on the radio. This will go along way in changing our vibration to a lighter more joyful one. After all, everything we read, watch, and hear are only other people's opinions and thoughts. The media, no matter which station or paper you subscribe to is biased. The "Right" wants to tell you how terrible the "Left" is and the "Left" wants to tell you how terrible the "Right" is. Does this really promote unity? And if we put ourselves in the middle of that vibration, how do we help ourselves feel better, much less anyone else.

"But we can't put our heads in the sand. We have to know what's going on around us."

Okay, so we know this person is blaming that person for the horrible economy and that person is blaming someone else. How is that helping the economy or us? In fact, as most of us know "like attracts like", so if we want more of a bad economy, just keep bringing atten
tion to it. What would happen if we determined in our own heart that the "bad economy", was not going to effect us, and we focused on what brings us joy instead? Don't you think that would go a long way to raise our vibration out of the muck everyone else is in? And what do you think would happen if all of us did that. If we all just began to attract joy and happiness into our lives and appreciate what we have right now. If everyone did that, the economy would not be a problem. In fact, I'll bet many of the "problems" that are perceived in this country would vanish!

So, let's think individually for the moment instead of globally. When we think globally, we put our noses in other people's business and try telling them how to live their lives. Instead, just live our own lives in the most joyful and appreciative way we can.

I'd love to challenge you to try this for one week! No news, or news programs, or talk radio, or newspapers; and while we are on the subject; why not turn the volume down on the TV whenever one of those drug commercials comes on.

What do you think? Can you do it? Let me know how it's going.

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  1. Not surprising that you would come up with yet another thought that has been going through my mind. Every lunch at work I always pull up the AP Network News to see what's going on in the world. As of late I've been getting the idea more and more to meditate after I've eaten my lunch. Even though I only get 30 minutes for lunch it would be much more beneficial to meditate for 15 minutes than to fill my head with things that only make me fear or get depressed about our current World Economic scene.

    SO, here's my plan, Pat. I'm going to delete the AP Network News icon from my iPhone and focus on meditation or maybe even reading after I've eaten my lunch!