Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Joy On Purpose

It was a long day for Mark today! He went to work at 3am and got off about 12:30pm. This was the second day he had to work this shift. He was tired! He came in the door, handed his empty lunch bag to me and headed off to the bedroom to get out of his work clothes. As usual, I followed him to see how his day went. He chatted about work, and all the things that happened during the day, and then he made a comment that struck that little chord in my spirit once again.

He said, "Be joyful on purpose! Don't be passive and wait for challenging opportunities to come around before you seek joy. Do it on purpose, ahead of time and watch those challenges diminish."

DING! I think he's on to something! But once again, that means we have to make a choice. Aren't you just about finished letting the challenges that present themselves to you beat you up? I know I am. So, this is my new project! I choose to be Joyful On Purpose.

Want to join me?


  1. and Mark are definately plugging into the collective consciousness because today I had those exact same thoughts. I kept thinking, "why wait"...i can choose to be joyful in any moment. Thanks for sharing!

  2. YES. Beautiful. Ding Ding Ding in my Spirit! ;) Thanks so much for sharing. Also, that pic is precious with Mark and the boy.
    Pat... you are AmAzing Joy on Purpose!! Love, Madison