Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Anniversary Bliss

Today is our Anniversary! We've been married 14 blissful years and are looking forward to another 50 or 60 years together! I'm such a fortunate lady to have found such a loving, kind and gentle man. He is everything every woman dreams of. He's my best friend; wise teacher; and fantastic lover all in one very sexy package! I truly am blessed!

In honor of our Anniversary, I served my most excellent husband breakfast in bed! Chorizo sausage and egg burrito; hashbrowns and orange juice. He was really surprised!

A couple months ago, we visited Grass Valley and fell in love with it! It just feels like home to us. At that time, when we were on our way back to the Bay area, we just happened to go down a very interesting street in search of a park to eat our lunch. We came across our dream house! And it was for sale! This house has everything we want. Including a creek that runs behind the back yard! Since then, we have been visiting the house on the Internet and each day picture ourselves enjoying our lives there. Everything connected to this house rings the chord of excitement in our beings. We have a picture of what we thought was our dream house positioned in our RV so it is the first and last thing we see in the day. This house looks exactly like it! We wanted a creek
or stream....has it! The name of the street it's on is Freeman Lane; it is close to our favorite grocery store. In fact, we wanted a house that was close enough to town for people to come see us, but in the woods so we could relax and enjoy nature. Here's a link to it. Take a look: CREEKSIDE SERENITY

Anyway, we drove by the house again today, and it's not only still for sale, but the price has been reduced and we found out the little creek in the backyard is named, Wolf Creek! Wolf just happens to be one of my power animals!

Now comes the interesting part! Knowing! Knowing the Universe's job is to make this happen! We are so excited to see how it will come about, because we know that if this particular house is not the exact one for us, the Universe knows what we are wishing to manifest and WILL deliver it. It's not a matter of "where is the money coming from"; it's not up to us to figure any of it out; just basque in the deliciousness of how it feels to have it!

What do you want to manifest in your life? Are you worried about how it will come about? Why not let the Universe take care of that! Whatever actions easily flow into your mind to do, DO them. But the moment you feel that gnawing in your stomach, understand you have gotten away from the vibration of that which you want. It's okay! You can get back in! Let's become the grand creators we came here to be!


  1. I love your dream house! When I bought my new home after my divorce, I posted a photo of it next to my computer and I worked hard to manifest it. It has brought such joy to my life and to my kids' lives. After buying it, my initial feeling was fear: how will I keep up the payments, what have I done? This is a huge responsibility, etc. But I kept pushing those thoughts away and soon I was in flow with the house and accepted the joy that came my way.
    I hope this will happen for you, too.
    Happy anniversary! May you have many more years of joy and love to share.

  2. Thank you Sandy! It's an adventure, but it is incredibly encouraging that you manifested your house! And since you released old beliefs and received the desire of your heart, the Universe is also going to keep whatever you need flowing to you. No worries! How wonderful is that?!

  3. Oh Pat and Mark... you two are so Beautiful together! Your Love for one another just oozes out that sweet pic. of you two! makes me HAPPY!:) and your Dream house... DELICIOUS! and Wolf Creek.. how cool is that??! Also, I loved what you said "Whatever actions easily flow into your mind to do.. DO them!" YES... I needed to hear that. I just love you guys so much!!! Love, Madison