Saturday, August 1, 2009

Magical Farmer's Markets

I love Farmer's Markets!

I love the diversity of the people; I love the di
splay after displays of fresh fruit and vegetables; I love the fragrances as the food vendors cook up their specialties; I love the energy!

Farmer's markets are the reason I love Saturday mornings! I plan meals for the week with fresh veggies and delightful fresh foods in mind.

This morning, I wondered why I enjoy them so much and I remembered a few years ago being in a group of participants who under hypnosis traveled into the future. We were to report back what we saw.

Unfortunately, the person who did the hypnosis told us beforehand what he thought the future looked like, so that was the thought that was in most every one's minds a
s they went into trance. I, however, being the rebel I am, did not like what he said, so refused his vision.

What I saw was wonderful Farmer's Markets! There were no more big grocery stores, but fields and fields of fresh vegetables, fruits and grains. There was also fresh fish in some communities and fresh meat. Everyone bartered and traded either goods for goods or some other energy exchange. All was peaceful and the energy was delightful! That is what I saw then and that's what I see now, when it comes to thinking about the future.

I don't see a big ka-boom and the world ending in 2012! I don't see blood and destruction all over the place. I don't see fighting, and waring, and skyscrapers on fire. I see peace
and camaraderie. People getting along, each in the community they have chosen to live. Accepting and being accepted. Then I thought about the power we have as individuals. Individually, we can create our world as we want it to be. So doesn't it seem reasonable that collectively, if we all concentrate our thoughts on peace and serenity, we can actually bring this world to that state instead?

I've got an idea! Join me here tomorrow and I'll share with you a plan! I'm excited to see what you think. Can we really do it? Stay tuned!

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