Thursday, August 13, 2009


Mark and I had a disagreement today! Yep, it's true! Even WE have disagreements. As much as we adore each other, sometimes we get in our own way and disagreements happen. We have not had a challenge with each other in a very long time, so this one really felt foreign. But we were able to get it all cleared up in a really short time.

We both accepted our responsibility for the challenge, and admit our shortcomings to each other. Then it was over!

Before, we took days to get past a disagreement, but today it was all said and done within an hour.

My problem boiled down to misunderstanding what Mark was going through and when he did not respond in the matter in which I thought he should, I made it all very personal and blew up! Poor Mark did not mean anything personal toward me! But that's what I CHOSE to believe. Because of all the work we are doing in our efforts to get into and stay in the vortex of joy, it didn't take very long for me to see my choice and change it to reflect joy once again. I am so grateful I have such an understanding and patient husband. Someone else may have let their ego get ahead of them and really blow things even more out of proportion, but Mark was able to get to the heart of the problem and help me overcome it. Thanks, honey!

Think about the disagreements you have with your spouse or significant other. Are you taking something more personal than it was meant to be? What is your responsibility in the challenge? And what can you do to get yourself back into the Vortex of joy?

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