Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vortex of Joy

Wow! This has been a real whirlwind day! I've gotten so much accomplished. The main thing, however, is that since I made the intention to monitor all my thoughts and feelings that do not reflect joy, and turn them around, I've seen how much of my waking life is taken up by negativity that I do not wish to have.

I'm so grateful Wisdom makes me aware, each time I step out of the vortex of joy so I can get back in. I've notice sometimes the decision to turn around the negativity is not all that easy. Why? Because it's a lot easier to stay in the familiar place of disapproval and judgment because that's how I was raised.

Mark and I both decided to make staying in the steady stream of well-being and joy a continuous part of our lives. So, when I start going down that old familiar path, he quickly points it out to me. Sometimes in mid-sentence, and as I search for the words and attitude to change it to, we both just look at each other and start to laugh. Suddenly, walla, we are back in the vortex. It can be that simple! Other times, we have to work to change our thoughts.

For me, today, I made it into a game. Even when I'm out driving in the traffic and find myself getting annoyed at another driver's "dumb" mistakes, Wisdom quickly reminds me I'm stepping out of the vortex again, and I immediately find a way to get back in.

Making it a game is important for me so I don't get down on myself when I goof up. If I make it fun, it's easier to turn around. If I dwell on how bad I goofed up, then I spiral out of control and it takes a lot longer to get back into balance.

All in all, it's been a very interesting day. The adventures are just getting started! I now look forward to tomorrow and the challenges that will nail me so I can joyfully overcome them.

Have you tried to stay in the Vortex of Joy? What are your experiences? How have you
chosen to let the negativity drop away? If so, tell me your stories.

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