Thursday, December 3, 2009

Impossible, Possible Challenges

Because of the challenge I'm experiencing, I've totally changed how I look at life. I appreciate everything in a much deeper way than before. My husband; the wonderful crisp fall air; and even the noise of the street. There just is no room in my life for drama.

It seems sad that we have to be faced with something traumatic before we finally get to the point of enjoying life and appreciating what we have. Our spouses, our children, all are taken for granted. How about the warmth of the sun or the life giving rain? Or the jobs we have? Okay, it's sometimes easy to point those things out as things we should be grateful for, but what about everyday life and the curve balls that seem to get thrown our way? The driver that cuts us off in traffic, or the payment the bank lost for your mortgage payment? Or what about developing a dis-ease? How can we face those things and still not have drama in our lives?

This is what I do. . .

I look at everything as an opportunity; a contrast to what I want in my life. Each 'curve ball' represents a challenge to be the person I came to this planet to be; the most joyful and happiest person I know. Someone cuts me off in traffic and I try to understand they must really be in a hurry to get someplace. Or perhaps my angels are just trying to deter me from an accident happening several miles up the road.

Recently I lost the cash we had put aside to pay our Mortgage payment. Almost 350.00 gone! But instead of beating myself up like I used to do, I now realize, it's just money. Sure it means tightening up our already tight belt for a couple weeks, but in the long run, who knows what lies behind the curtain for us.

And how about the dis-ease I face now? Three years ago, when I first developed the cancer, I did a whole bunch of spiritual work learning to forgive those around me and myself for perceived wrongs I suffered in my childhood and adult life. If it was not for this challenge, (much to my dismay), I may not have delved into the deepest recesses of my fears and emotions. I made peace with all my past devils and moved on. (By the way, that's when the sunshine and the rain started looking much better to me.) Now, I'm on the physical journey. I'm excited to actually see my body heal itself as I give it the nourishment and love it needs to perform the task. I'm very grateful for being in this place at this time in my life. I know all is well, and am very excited to share this venture with everyone.

What are the 'impossible' challenges in your life? Are they really worth giving up your joy?

Tonight's dinner: Homemade Split Pea Soup and Crusty Wheat Bread.
(And on top of all other wonderful lessons I'm learning, like how to release all fear, I'm learning how to cook healthier than ever before.) Do you want the recipes I'm learning to make? Let me know and perhaps I'll start posting them on the blog as well.

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  1. Yes Recipes! Sounds yummy! Love healthy food! Lettuce wraps are the best!
    I find when I eat healthy food I appreciate all the flavors- other food is full of salt and sugar and it all starts to taste the same.