Monday, November 30, 2009

Perfect Start to Christmas

Sunday, Mark took me out on a date; a very special, magical date!

First we went to dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery in San Jose, CA.
Now you may think: "How can she eat at a restaurant when she's on such a restrictive diet?" Well, it takes a little creativity, but I ended up with a lovely dinner. Instead of a nice glass of wine, I enjoyed a wonderful hot cup of Gingerbread tea. (I've learned to carry tea bags in my purse all the time, along with a very nice Balsamic Vinegar.) For the main course, I indulged in an order of homemade guacamole, made with fresh, ripe avocados, Roma tomatoes, jalapenos, onions and spices and asked for some carrot and celery sticks to replace the chips. Then I ordered a side salad with extra tomatoes and no dressing. The waitress cooperated with a smile and graciously made it all happen. In fact she commented how 'healthy' my dinner was! I loaded my salad up with the guacamole and extra tomatoes, and feasted! It was divine! When I finished, I sat back and enjoyed another cup of Gingerbread tea while Mark devoured his Veggie Burger and Coleslaw. Not once did I feel deprived. I was totally satisfied and happy with my dinner.

The next stop was the HP Pavilion, in San Jose. A couple months ago, Mark bought tickets for us to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

We parked about half a mile away, which allowed us to get some good exercise. Our seats were ideally situated so we could clearly see the stage as well as all the wonderful special effects going on during the show. Then it began! Tears welled up and trickled down my face at the first strains of the magical music. To be part of this delightful evening seemed overwhelming! And magical it was! From beginning to end; the music was breathtaking. We decided then and there to make the Trans-Siberian Orchestra our traditional beginning of the Christmas season.

The whole evening was such a delight; I feel totally blessed to have a husband that went out of his way to plan a special date for the two of us to share.


  1. That sounds like a FABULOUS date!! I so wanted to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra while they were in Portland. Now after hearing your review, If they ever come are way again I will make sure and go. Sounds like your holiday season is off to a good start...Lucky girl..
    Have a great day Pat,

  2. I Love the Trans-Siberian Orchestra- I listen to their music every Christmas! It is soooo magical! What a blessing to see them in person!

  3. how cool maybe one of our most modern clasiacal christmas memeries to make. very merry chritmas stuff