Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Most of you know I am on the path of allowing my body to heal itself of breast cancer.  I decided not to go the conventional route of surgery; chemotherapy and radiation.  Instead, I changed my diet and lifestyle and have done some very deep emotional work to allow the natural healing to take place.  I have conquered my biggest fears and opened my heart to learning the true meaning of "unconditional love" for myself as well as all those who enter my life.

As I share my journey with the inquiring minds around me, I am surprised with all the responses.  For example those I thought would rally, being family, have made themselves ghosts in my world; or they think for some reason beyond my comprehension that I am lying.  Why the hell would anyone lie about something as serious as having  cancer?

For the most part, people have been very supportive and encouraging.  I am grateful for the few family members that are very positive and let me know that even if I've chosen what they would classify as an extreme path, they will continue to support me in every way possible.

There is one reaction that I am totally unprepared for; being an" inspiration"!  You see, I'm just doing what is natural for me.  Having never been in a hospital as a patient in my whole life, the thought of entering into that realm is very disconcerting.   People that find out what I'm doing make remarks to me about how "brave" I am or that I have a lot of "faith",but I see things differently.

I look at the women who have chosen to go the traditional path as having tremendous faith.  They are putting their bodies in the hands of men and women who can only offer them treatments they have learned in books.  There is no individual care; everyone is treated the same.  And pretty much everyone gets the same prognosis!  If you are still alive in five years, you are considered "cured" of cancer!  If you drop dead two weeks after that five year mark, well, you are still considered cured of cancer because you passed that five year mark.

I cannot imagine giving control of my health and body over to a bunch of strangers that are limited in how they are able to help me.  The path I have chosen keeps ME in charge.  I listen to what my body needs and am able to adjust my lifestyle to the way my body will heal.  I realize that just about any dis-ease is caused by not only a physical challenge, but an emotional and spiritual one as well.  Therefore the healing cannot be accomplished by only addressing the physical, but the whole person I am has to be addressed and changes made.

Physicians are bound by the law to offer only the conventional treatments to their patients, or risk being fined and thrown in jail, where upon they of course would also lose their license to be a doctor.   Their treatments have nothing to do with addressing each individual, and of course cannot even begin to treat the emotional or spiritual ailments.

So, when you put all that in perspective, who really is the brave soul?  One who listens and follows what their body tells them it needs, or the person who gives all control over their body to  those who MUST only treat the body?

Please don't misunderstand me;  I have total compassion for the thousands and thousands of people who go the "normal" conventional route.  After all, we have all been trained from birth that the Doctor knows what is best for us and that listening to our bodies or addressing the emotional and spiritual part of the ailment  is whack-o!  I daresay in this day and age, the medical personnel themselves got into the field with full intentions of helping their fellow man.  Somewhere along the line, however, helping people has taken a back seat to plying the patient with pharmaceuticals that address the symptoms instead of the true problem.

So you see, I am not really a hero.  I have simply chosen to listen to my body and address the root causes of the cancer as well as the physical dis-ease itself.  I'm simply doing what comes naturally!

I wonder how much more health and well-being would people experience if listening to their bodies and addressing those underlying issues was the "norm".


  1. Pat,

    Everyday that I think of you and get a chance to read you blog, I realize what a beautiful energy you are. I have always loved and valued your thoughts and trusted you more than most. I still have your mantra on my fridge; "Every little cell in my body is happy". Everyday as I say that Mantra for myself, I include you in my thoughts. My your light shine!!
    Love you always!! Ang

  2. please send positive and uplifting cheery messages to Pat.

  3. Dearest Pat,

    I came across your blog while reading some of the post from the 21 days of meditation from the Chopra Center. Sometimes, you just get the feeling that you need to connect with a person and that’s what I have received from your blog. I agree with this post and your views. I wish you the best healing that our Universe can give you. Keep up the positive thoughts, smiles and living in joy. I am sending my fellow Californian the best vibes possible.

    Blessings and Peace J I’ll follow your journey and wish you all the best.