Saturday, May 1, 2010

Worlds Within Worlds

People are funny.  One of the funniest things about people is the way they judge one another from their narrow stand point.  I'm not just talking about a nebulous group here or there, but everyone!  (Oh, no, even me!)   For instance, those who follow the Christian teachings believe everyone else is doomed to hell.  The New Age group is all about taking care of Mother Earth and making everyone conform to how they think that should be done.  Muslims believe if you're not a Muslim, you must die, whereas Hindus are very careful not to harm any living thing!  So, with this wide variety of beliefs;  who is right?  EVERYONE AND NO ONE!

You see, I believe we came to this planet at this time in history because of the variety of beliefs.  From an energetic view, it's a very exciting time.  The trick is to get past the human brain and see things from that higher vibrational viewpoint called Spirit.  Then we can begin to see that everyone is correct in their beliefs if it serves them right now, and everyone is wrong in thinking their way is the only way.

My desire is for us to one day see that we are so insignificant next to the greatness of the Universe.  We are so full of ourselves if we think anything we do will really impact the Earth in any way.  Yet at the same time, we are magnificent creators; able to create whole worlds within this Universe.

Have you ever driven by homes at night before the occupants have closed their shades?  Each home, apartment, or other dwelling is a whole world separate from other worlds, yet connected.  Each home is separate,yet connected to the neighborhood, which in turn is connected to the village or town, which is connected to the state and so on.  I daresay, even every automobile on the road contains it's own individual world, yet it flows very nicely together with the other worlds on the road.

So, if we can stand back and notice how everything blends nicely together, even if we don't all agree with one another, how can we say, this belief is right and this one is wrong?  It's time we just kept our attention on what makes our world run smooth and happy, and let others worry about their own worlds.

Sometimes, we interfere with other's lessons they set up for themselves, by interfering with their world.  I'm all for helping our fellow man, but not insisting everyone do as I feel I'm led to do.  If you want to give, I would only ask that you examine the motive (the real motive) of your heart before you do anything at all.  If it's pure, then perhaps you are helping that person complete the lesson they set out to learn.  If  however, you have any other motive, you may well be interfering  which in the long run makes the individual have to go another route to learn the lesson.

Let's stop forcing our beliefs on others.  Let's begin to allow everyone the freedom to be who they are.  I think we would really be surprised at what we find; people really desiring to be of service.  

What do you think?

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  1. Hi Pat; You always is things so clearly, it night take a minute o two, but you get around to seeing clearly. Last week I found out our new merchant neighbor (he sells hot dogs and coffee), he thinks because he is a Christian, everyone that comes into my shop should be burned at the stake. I have been there 5 years and he has been there 3 weeks so he hate me and wishes me dead and he doesn't even know me. So, yesterday was downtown Vancouver spring clean up, so I got up early and went and cleaned up the front of his store, weeded the sidewalk the best part about this story is he has no idea how did it. So, lets all put aside any differences we may and work together, for the good of all. Judy & I Love you and you are aways in our thoughts.