Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Power Of Words

Lately I've noticed how important it is that I choose my words wisely.  I've noticed that I have the ability to help or hurt an individual just by the words I choose.

It's just as easy to encourage someone in the time of their deepest need or in a matter of seconds devastate that person with the choice of the wrong words.

We can all point to a time in our childhood when words made a total difference in the direction our lives went.  A parent can innocently joke with a child and  because of the words they chose to use, that child feels worthless.  Before long, the child believes the 'joke' and they begin to believe they are nothing.  Whereas if a parent gave that child words of encouragement and love, they can watch that child become anything he/she can dream of becoming in this lifetime.

As everyone knows, my challenge is breast cancer, but I truly believe that I've already beat it and now I'm just waiting for the physical manifestation. However, one misplaced remark by someone close to me sent me spiraling down into the pits. She simply stated that a friend of hers had died of cancer but looked me directly in the eye and said to me, "and she believed that she would get well too".  That comment devastated me for days.  This was a person I thought at least was starting to care about me, yet when she said those nine little words it tore my heart open.  Suddenly I felt, once again, her total disdain for me and I allowed it to affect my life.  It took a lot of meditating and some patience and kindness from my dear husband but I finally saw the light in her and understood that that's all she knew.

Sometimes in our lives we are more vulnerable to what people say than at other times.  The challenge is to rise above those words and know the truth about ourselves; that we are divine individuals who have come into this lifetime to manifest our reality.  When we know the truth about ourselves,  no words can hurt us.  

The upside of this whole conversation is that I now understand how much our words impact those we come in contact with.  Sometimes we think we are saying something just out of the blue but have no idea that it can devastate an individual.  

Have you had instance where perhaps a very innocent statement has devastated or encouraged you?  For me, it's important to be mindful of every word that comes out of my mouth and make sure that it's something that is uplifting and kind.  That includes how I talk to myself, which is perhaps the hardest person to be kind and uplifting to.   I look at this as just another lesson in unconditional love and I thank the Universe for setting the circumstances together for me to learn.


  1. When I was a child I remember chanting, "Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me!" I can't take back the hurtful things I've said in the past but I can sure be mindful of the beautiful words I say now, words harvested from the garden of unconditional love. Easier said than done isn't it? Thanks hon for the real life posts. :)

  2. Dear Beautiful Pat... I so totally resonate with every word you put down from you Heart!!! I have pondered on this topic so often.. the POWER OF WORDS, because i too have been deeply affected and thrown off my tracks by just those few hurtful, unbelieving words. I like how you say "Sometimes in our lives we are more vulnerable to what people say.." SO TRUE. and also, i appreciate how this process can bring us even closer to ourselves and make us even more aware of what we are saying to ourselves, and in that releasing the negative words/energy from the outside. I choose to be more and more mindful of the words i say, and may they always come from the Heart.
    Your posts are so Real, and so healing. Thank you Pat for sharing!!!!!!! Love, Madison

  3. everyone on this planet has been hurt in some way by words..... I'm sure I've hurt someone in my past by what words I said too... Now, I practice mindfulness... think, before I speak..and when someone say's something hurtful to me, I just try and see where they're at in life, they just haven't made it yet to the mindfulness that comes from meditation... the best we can do so we don't absorb the negitive words is to forgive and forget...Pat, I am so happy you are healthy!!! I know your life will be long and beautiful and you will inspire so many others! Hugs and Love to you..