Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Opening The Door

What stops us from doing what's in our hearts?

My reason for not branching out has everything to do with acceptance. "What will people think?" They may think I'm a kook or crazy. They may think I've finally slipped into the void of insanity. Or they may understand that I've finally come to a place of peace in my heart. A place of acceptance of who I really am. And that is exactly what has happened. I AM AT PEACE.

What others think of me is not important. Everyone has their own belief systems and their own list of "rights and wrongs". Everyone has their opinions and believe their path is the only right path. In many ways, that's what makes life interesting. If we were all the same, it would be pretty boring! The contrast of thought is what keeps things lively.

So, I'm branching out. Opening new doors in my life. Stepping out and spreading my wings. I will not allow fear to stand in my way.

Want to join me? What is keeping you from being the free spirit you really are?


  1. I must say, the timing on this is cracking me up. I've finally come to a point where I can't deal with only working on call and not knowing how much money I'll have anymore. Found an opening in a veterinary lab in the area, and I always ADORED the lab work when I was working in clinics and back in school - that's the reason I loved Microbiology and Organic Chemistry courses so much. It's a night shift, so it wouldn't mess with my afternoon dance lessons. And it's *not* customer service, for the first time ever in my professional life, which would be nice (they have separate staff to deal with the vet clinics they work with). So I had someone help me clean up my resume, since it was in bad shape (not something I'm particularly skilled at), and just got it back today, ready to go - and I still haven't emailed the company yet.

    Oh, I have all kinds of excuses about feeling guilty for having messed up the work schedule so badly and leaving right after that and so forth - but the fact is that I'm just scared to make this kind of change, no matter how much I know I need it.

    What's that line from that old song? "Flying away on a wing and a prayer..."

  2. Pippa, I'm sooo proud of you. I think a lot of us are being called to step it up a bit. I hope it works out for you to work at the clinic. I can see in my heart how much that would mean to you. Love you! Pat

  3. Yes, the timing is perfect my sweet. As I commented in your other blog the time has come for me. I'm stepping forward. No more fear. No more holding myself back from my true purpose. See my other post for more details. Thank you for your continued inspiration, my dear! You are an Earth Angel!

    Your brother in Spirit!

  4. Steve, Thank you for your post. I'm excited that you are stepping forward. Thank you for your support!