Friday, September 11, 2009


Do you know how it feels to open your life completely up; put it up for public scrutiny and have absolutely NO ONE respond one way or the other?

I do! Each time I post a new blog; each time I write a thought on Facebook; suddenly you can hear crickets! Is it because no one has another thought? Is it because everyone is afraid of what people will think if they respond? Or is it simply because you don't read the information to begin with?

I've been struggling with this absence of communication for some time now and it's been an eye opening experience for me. You see, I'm looking to stir things up a bit! Get people thinking on their own. Perhaps even examine their lives to see if there is anything they could be looking to expand. I ask for comments to try and nudge people out of their comfort zones and become a participant in life.

I've noticed the people who get responses on Facebook are the ones who share surface stuff. And they get surface responses. I know there are deep thinkers out there. There are those with totally different opinions and thoughts, so why are we so afraid to voice what we think?

For me, in a very subtle way, I'm looking for approval from those around me and those I deem more spiritual then I. Perhaps the reason for the lack of response has to do with the same thing. People are afraid of what I will think or what their friends may think of them. We want to be liked. We want kudos instead of critisism, for that is what we base our feelings of acceptance on.

I am tired of being controlled by the responses (or in my case non-responses) of others. I welcome others thoughts and opinions. Without the contrast of thought, how can we really know what we ourselves believe?

Please understand, I love you all! I don't care if you agree with me or not! I don't care what religion you are, or what belief system you hold close to your heart. I don't care what political party you are connected with or even if you have purple hair. You are accepted totally by me.

What's stopping you from commenting?


  1. Hi Pat..
    Ive been following your blog & your doing a great job..I met you over at Celestial Awakings a couple years ago and you gave me & my friend a "magic carpet" ride...
    Thanks for sharing all your journeys with me.

  2. Hi Pat, as far as people responding. I think it is just the way it is people are busy and there is so much information out ther they are on overwelm. I know I can not keep up with all of my emails. I have heard from others about lack of response as well. I would say don't take it personaly. Just do what you need to do and let it go...

    Blessings & Hugs Gina

  3. Thank you Julie for responding and for following. I love writing, so, I'll keep it up. Also, Gina, I appreciate your input! I do not take it personally. Hugs to you both! Pat

  4. Please, keep writing even though many that benefit will never raise their hand. You are an inspiration to many! I do encourage those that hesitate to raise their hand to at least give you a subtle wink once in awhile. It gives the speaker a lot of energy.

  5. Hey Pat, I enjoy your thoughts on life. As for posting busy, busy, busy. Please come back to the Northwest we miss you up here. Judy said hi. Keep on the good work, love Michael

  6. Thank you Michael! Tell Judy hi for me.

  7. Dearest Pat,
    Yes this is your comment column and you continue without expectations or demands from others and you will receive. Just keep giving your gift to give, not for what you expect to receive. It is liken to our Angels working with us-if they expected a kudos or acknowledgement for everything they did for us then they aren't giving or sharing with Love but 'bartering' duties or even ideas. You are a seed planter,
    don't stop watering before it even has a chance to grow. Patience, persistence, and do it because you Love it for you and there the healing comes. I bet you get answers in your head even as you are asking the questions and they aren't always from you. Rather than you asking the question you might add on a 'Dear Abby' or ask me a question of your own regarding a personal situation you need advice on. Start with one of your own, like this, and ask for advice. You could even pull a 'card' for it too and see how it correlates with the question. Do it they will come. You love the cards and they need you to come back too.....just my humble opinions!

  8. Hi Pat i read and enjoy your blogs many times we are in similar places and other times we arent but i like to read about your insite and life and am glad you keep putting it out there. Take care

  9. Hi Pat,

    I've had the pleasure of reading most all of your blogs. Admittedly, my time has been short even though I'm not working. I've got a new relationship that is taking up more time especially since he lives in Portland and I in Battle Groud. But rest assured that just because you don't get a response from me doesn't mean that I don't read them or have a differing opinion that what you've posted. I love what you write and share and though not every subject speaks to me...many in the past have! Much Love!

    Your Brother in Spirit!

  10. I agree with many of the above comments. People are busy, many more people read blogs or comments and don't comment. I have had so many people come up to me and tell me that they are following my blog. I had no idea because they don't leave comments. And I also know that blogger makes it hard to leave a comment. I am moving to Wordpress for that very reason. I am glad you posed the inquiry, you got many responses!
    Keep on sharing your wisdom and thoughts. You are reaching many more than you know.
    Your words are important.

  11. Thank you Sandy! I really appreciate your comments and really everyone that took the time.

    I'm thinking about going to Wordpress too.