Friday, July 17, 2009


I've been hearing a lot about fear lately. It's in the news, it's on the radio; it's even gotten to be a subject of discussion on Facebook and Twitter! But what is fear, really?

For me, Jacquelyn Aldana, author of The 15-Minute Miracle described fear in the perfect way.
Fear is: Forgetting Everything's All Right!

If I look at the things I'm afraid of, I can sum it up quite well. Anything that I'm not in control of, I put the label "fear" on. For example: If my husband is driving and we are on a windy, very skinny mountain road with a bare drop outside my window and a truck comes along from the other direction and Mark inches over to the cliff side just a fraction to make room for the big rig; I'm clawing the dashboard, crying and yelling, terrified we will drop to our deaths. But if we were in the same scenario, but I was driving, I would be just fine!

So, now what I do is stop and think, "okay, so we drop to our deaths. We leave this physical realm side by side and enter into the glorious non-physical where we re-unite with that part of ourselves that is joined to true Source energy and pure love. We re-evaluate what we did in this lifetime, and decide what we want to do next, then re-enter this realm or another realm (as we wish), for more adventures! What's so bad about that?"

So what else am I afraid of? "The Unknown". Sounds like a movie title. But as I think about it, I see, the unknown is just more of the same. I'm not in control. "The Unknown" is in control.

I'm one of those people that likes to plan everything. I want to know ahead of time what's going to be going on, where we are going, and for how long, so I can plan everything out. It's so I can be in control. So, for me, I guess fear is a control issue.

What is fear to you? Break it down. Is it really fear? Or as Jacquelyn says, are you "FORGETTING EVERYTHING'S ALL RIGHT"?

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  1. Boy, Pat. You have really written a wonderful blog on this subject. I've been dealing with the same issues with the soon to be "layoff" from my job, my stuff with the IRS, all the spirit messages that I've been getting about it being time for me to pursue my healing work fulltime and healing and changing some important programming that has held me back from my past. Your example that you provide is very right-on timing wise and very full of wisdom! Keep up the good work. You are definately adding to the support of the very important decisions that await me! Blessings to you and Mark!

    OM Namah Shivaya!