Thursday, July 16, 2009

"A Haunting"

Today, my daughter, Sarah, and her boyfriend, Billy were going through our collection of DVD movies and TV series and came upon, "A Haunting". Mark and I got this series a long time ago when we started on our Metaphysical path. At one time, we did a lot of visiting cemeteries and haunted places to see if we could help lost spirits find their way into the light. We very much believed in demons and devils from our previous church upbringing, but knew we also had the power to come up against anything evil. We knew we had the light in us and that would dispel any darkness there was.

Well, we've grown in our spirituality and have let go of many of our old belief systems, and in the process have discovered the awesome power of our minds. We discovered the only evil there is in this world is within our own imagination, and for some reason, it used to be an incredible turn on to scare ourselves.

No more! Now we understand there are no demons or devils except those in our minds and we have taken on the challenge to rid ourselves of all those thoughts and belief systems.

As I watched the program with Sarah and Billy, it was actually humorous to me as I remembered how I, too believed as these poor people in the series believed. I knew their fear and found myself wanting to jump through the screen and say, "You guys, don't you know if you want to believe in evil, evil will exist. If you do not give it power, it cannot survive!"

Now, as I write this, I know this is true in other areas of my life as well, because whatever I put my attention on, I will draw to myself. So if I fear demons or devils, that is what I will conjure up in my mind. If I have any fear, it will control my actions so I cannot live in total freedom. If I wake up in the morning and trip on my slipper, walk into the wall and burn my fingers on the toast, then say to myself, "it's gonna be one of those days", then it will be!

Fortunately I can also attract happiness and wonderful surprises to me as well. It's funny that when that happens we say it's just a coincidence, when in reality, because of what I'm putting my attention on, more good stuff comes my way.

So will you be afraid of the demons and devils created by Hollywood to bring more fear to your heart? Or will you choose to put your attention on what your heart truly desires? I choose light!

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