Sunday, July 12, 2009

Minding My Own Business

I've decided that today, Sunday, is a great day to set my intentions for the week. Each and everyday, I can re-affirm those intentions, but because Sunday is the beginning, for me it's the right time to decide what I want to focus on all week long.

My intention is to find ways each and every day to mind my own business. Every person in this realm has come here to experience life. How they do that is none of my business. Some have chosen to be happy creators, others, whiners. Some choose to live in mansions with loads of possessions and money, but a very sad heart, when others choose to be surrounded by family and have very little, yet are happy and joyous. That's not to say there are those who are rich and happy at the same time, and others that are poor and sad, my point is, it is none of my business how others have chosen to live. It's my business to live MY life.

My opinion is of no value for anyone else. It's just like the saying goes; opinions are like assholes; everyone has one and thinks everyone else's stink.

For me, this decision is very difficult, especially when it comes to my children. No parent wants to see their child walking into what we determine to be a minefield, but is it really? When I see my daughters doing something I think is detrimental to their health and well-being, am I not judging their life by my beliefs? If I see them going down the same path I went down when I was young, what makes me think the outcome has to be the same? Perhaps they will make different decisions and come out in a better place than me. How wonderful would that be.

Instead of judging their route in life with a negative eye. My intention is to stay out of their business and give them the benefit of my love and encouragement no matter what my old beliefs try to dictate. I wonder how many times my children have made decisions that landed them in sorrow because from a heart wanting to protect them I've concentrated my thoughts and theirs on a negative outcome.

Oh, Wisdom, let today be the beginning of encouraging my children along their way, even if my belief is different. Guide me in minding my own business.

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