Monday, July 20, 2009

Letting Go

I love my daughter being home. It's wonderful to be with her again. Shopping, talking, or just watching a movie together feels SO special. We have had a great time together since she's been here.

Along with the good times, I've had to face some of my challenges once again. It's called "letting go".

Sarah is 22 years old and in the Army. She has her own life now and some of the decisions she makes are not ones I would make. Then I have to remember that just like me, she is an eternal light being in a physical body, and has come to this lifetime for adventure just as I have.

It's only natural for me, as a mom, to want to step in and "warn" my daughter of what I believe to be impending danger (not that it really is). But I firmly believe we are more than "natural", we are "super-natural". We are creators of our own lives. Even, my little Sarah is the creator of her own life. Will she make the right decisions? I KNOW she will! Those decisions may not be what I would choose, but they will be the perfect ones for her. Perhaps the things I thought were disastrous for her, are the very things she came to this existence to experience. So if I try and stop her, I will be robbing her of the very excitement she sought. It all goes back to knowing we are ALL eternal creators. Not just the grown ups, but our children as well.

So I rejoice that Sarah chose me to be her mom. I'm grateful for any time we can spend together, and I encourage her to be the wonderful God she really is. I release her into the very capable hands of her glorious Higher Self, or what I call, her Wisdom. All is well!

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  1. That's BEAUTIFUL Pat... AND THAT is LOVE!!!! Love yoU!!!! ~Madison