Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Ugliness Within

How few there are who have courage enough to own their faults, or resolution enough to mend them- Benjamin Franklin.

My desire to live my life in the most joyous state possible, has caused me to closely examine my attitudes, beliefs, and emotions. In turn, I've had to see the ugliness of some of those tightly held beliefs and decide if they are still serving me, or if it's time to open my heart and let them be transmuted in the light to be replaced with peace and love. So, why wouldn't I want to give up ugliness in my life? The simple answer to that is because those thoughts and beliefs that now seem so horrible and off to me have been part of my life for a very very long time and letting go of them seems like I'm letting go of a piece of my existence.

For example: if someone does not act the way I think they should act, I have a problem. If someone disrupts my peace and solitude, I have a problem. Now, I understand it truly is my problem, not theirs! I am the one allowing them to disrupt me. And who am I to think I should dictate to anyone else how they should live or what they should do or should not do to bring joy into their own lives? They are simply going about their business to experience life in their own way. Anyone else ever feel like that?

I'm ready! Now my intention is to face all those old beliefs, and dogmatic attitudes in my life so I can move forward with joy.

Some of those nasty habits are easy to release; others not so much. But oh, the freedom my spirit experiences when I finally open my hand. It is worth the little bit of pain that may accompany facing the truth. It's like all the angels are singing with me; Light floods my soul, and any thought of non forgiveness toward myself flee!

So, do you have ugly attitudes or dogmatic beliefs that keep you from experiencing all that you came to experience in this life? Come, let us release those anchors together, and soar hand in hand through eternity.

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  1. It's a hard row to hoe to reach the point you have, but OH! it does feel good, doesn't it?! Congratulations :)