Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Trapped Between Two Worlds

Sometimes I feel trapped in two worlds, the mommy world and the spiritual world. Sometimes it's hard to remember all is well, when I'm in "mommy mode".

I wrote the above statement on Facebook. I've been asking myself why I feel that way. I asked Wisdom to help me know the answer to that question and please answer it so I can get passed it. Here's what Wisdom revealed to me.

Mommy mode is all about unreleased beliefs and old recordings from childhood! We are taught that moms are suppose to be a certain way and do certain things. According to society, if we do not perform in the acceptable prescribed mommy way, we are not good moms. And what do I want to be? A good mom, of course.

This was pretty much brought home to me during a conversation I had with a friend. I told her as I talked to my daughter, I happened to share too much of my opinion with her. My friend's response was typical of the belief that society has in these matters. She told me, it really is my responsibility to share my opinion with my daughter so she could weigh that in when she is making her decisions in life. Now, this all sounds really great, but my opinions do not necessarily speak to what she needs to complete her adventures on this plane. In fact, they could (in the extreme sense), cause her to repeat some same scenarios to finally do what her Inner Wisdom is guiding her to do. Is that what I want for my daughter? Absolutely not!

Now, each time I deal with a subject related to Sarah, and I feel a lump in my stomach or throat, I ask Wisdom what old belief system or recording I'm struggling with. As soon as I get the answer, I can release it. Some things are easier to release than others, but if I truly want to move forward, I seek a better feeling thought; even if it's a little one. Then that thought attracts more good thoughts and more, and more, until finally, I'm able to let go entirely of that belief or recording that does not serve me any longer.

By the way, this works for other relationships as well, ie, parents; friends; siblings; etc.

Tell me your success story of releasing beliefs or recordings. I'd love to share your victories with you!

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