Thursday, July 30, 2009

Re-Connecting To Who I AM

Yesterday, Sarah left on her life's adventure. I was happy to have had the time I had with her, but of course being a Mom, wished it could have been longer. It was a very emotional good-bye for me. But I know she has a wonderful future ahead of her and she will follow her wisdom to experience all she came to this time and space to enjoy. She goes with my love and blessings.

Now that she is gone, I decided to take a little time off to re-connect myself to who I really am. It was very difficult to write while she was here, but now that she's gone, I can once again concentrate on all the wonderful life around me. It's time to re-group and focus my attention fully on what brings me joy, and know that she is in capable hands, those of her higher self!

What better way to re-connect than to have a "rampage of appreciation", as Abraham-Hicks says. So here goes:

I am grateful for living in the Bay area right now because the temperature is a wonderful cool 68-75 degrees. Not the 100+ my friends in Portland and Vancouver are enjoying right now. I'm grateful for my loving husband, who supports me and encourages each and every day of my life. He doesn't even have to say anything! I can just be sitting next to him and through osmosis be encouraged and feel total unconditional love. Now, that's POWERFUL!

As I sit here writing, I can think of hundreds of things to be grateful for. Here's what I do. As I focus my attention on one grateful thought, another wonderful, grateful thought joins that one, and then another joins that, and so on. Throughout the day, when my mind wanders to sadness or thoughts that make me depressed, I consciously choose to re-focus my thoughts to something I appreciate. As I do, it becomes easier and easier to keep focused only on those thoughts that make me happy. At the end of the day, I'm in a much better place than when I started. Hallelulah! My goal has been accomplished!

Each day is a brand new day, full of grand experiences for me to be grateful for. So here I go, finding my Forever Joy Again!

Have you been through a particularly hard time and find yourself trying to re-connect to your joy? What are some of the ways you've chosen to get back to your true self? I would love to hear your stories.

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